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Tim Coppens boots look nice. I'll have to keep them in mind for my next pair of boots.
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Are CP mids the same as CP lows? (size down 1)

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depends on width of foot if you have a wide foot stay tts narrow foot size down 1

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Speed hooks + side zip > Tim Coppens collab rendition

I looked through this whole damn thread and only 2x posts about the combat boots.


Just picked some the wedge sole combat from f/w 11 in the brown and will dye them black.

Then spam photos here
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I like how the speed hooks on my boots look, but the laces fall off of them a lot after I take them off, so even though there's a zipper I have to tie them up again anyways, which bugs me because I am lazy. Also I don't wear them tucked that often so most of the time you can't see the hooks. So I like the lack of hooks on the Coppens ones.
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^ you have those boots too? wedged sole combat? post photos dude

fwiw, the laces coming out of the speed hooks maybe due to the waxed laces? I probably going to replace them with .25" width black leather laces that have a more robustness to them that should not allow for slippage.

Plan to tie them up (dead knot?) and solely use the side zip
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I have the canvas ones from a couple years ago, not the wedge soles. I'd be even more scared of those because they have 5 sets of hooks instead of three!
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Originally Posted by Raindrop View Post

Are CP mids the same as CP lows? (size down 1)

Bases in my experience yes, same size
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I kind of like the brown color actually, but will 99% dye them black after some breaking in.

These boots have some stiff, decently thick leather. Toe box I can see creasing easily.

Sole is tough but will wear down accordingly.

First side zip and I find it gimmicky.

Fit is great, my true size is 41 it seems in CP.

The high shaft of the boot will be something to get use to definitely.
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I could see myself waffling on that shade of brown a lot. Definitely understand why you'd dye them. They look good in the fits.

(tuck tuck tuck)
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Gettoasty who makes the cardigen? looks good!
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+1 for the black dye. Would be awesome once they get beaten up and the shaft looses some structure. The brown appears almost reddish in some pictures? You might also want to try re-lacing those gettoasty, the straight sneaker style lacing is throwing off the combat look for me, although iirc they were modeled the way you have them...
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just got my first pair of CP, achilles low in white, and i'm a bit unimpressed seeing them in person for the first time

leather is nice and all but i just don't feel they're $300+ nice...not nearly

always liked them but never bit the bullet until now 'cause i just can't find a suitable alternative at a considerably lower price point

i'm about 50/50 on whether i'm gonna keep them or not but will probably lean more to just sending them back as i think about it more...i got them from a domestic site with free returns in case i couldn't commit to wearing them

i really like how they look when worn in a bit so i'm still tempted to just go for it but probably won't bring myself to do it

by the way, they're supposed to come with an extrra set of laces, correct?
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^ Never had a pair NiB without extra laces and a shoe bag.
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