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The desert boots with the black sole icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Frances May already has a small delivery:
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Does anyone know if the arctic boot will be making a come-back this year?
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Originally Posted by AtrocityVector View Post

The tan ones look dank as fuck, too bad these are probably gonna carry an even bigger price tag.

ya the tan for fall do look pretty dank.... Frances May has 'em... $428! yikes.
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$545 for duck boots LOL
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Prolly gonna buy white leather tournaments dunno if high or low tho.
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I must have the high-top greys in the link I posted earlier. So clean drool.gif
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If you guys check out that lineageofinfluence link part 1, you'll see that they will indeed have two type of Achilles, the original and the premium achilles as shown on Frances May site.
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They suede? just brush it out or try a suede eraser. If your super pedantic about them go the shoe shop route.
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Originally Posted by Mark Robinson View Post

Great stuff from Common Projects. They've definitely done a good job and have grown up a hell of a lot since they first started. You don't see much variation but they are consistent.


Not sure on what Mesta should do with his suede CP's. Had that same issue a while back and could never properly remove the mark ...

I succeeded removing 95% the stain! with some sort of suede gum. I'll post pics this week-end. Kinda relieved...
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More pics I took last Jan...







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thanks for the pics shoreman. bballs and tournaments look spectacular drool.gif
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Dat...bball high
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They brought bballs back? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif New laces suck though.
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have the black training boots from f/w 10 for sale in a 43, pm if interested
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