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I'll buy them as soon as they come in high tops

Originally Posted by rapefruit View Post

common projects have been going downhill since 2009 imo.

I can't blame them for trying to separate themselves from the Hypebeast crowd, which is what it looks like to me. Trying to "grow up" a bit in their designs.
The premium Achilles look to me more like something designed by someone who designs shoes, rather than something by two dudes with no experience with shoes making a simplistic ideal.
Though I am getting tired of the vintage soles for the simple fact that you can only have so many pairs of shoes with vintage soles.
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Leather looks better but I prefer the originals. They look a tad chunkier.
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Does someone have pics for the rest of the collection? These are not the only CPs coming out for FW 2011.
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i like them.

Cheers for the pics OP.
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They look kinda shit in these pics, have to see these in person first.
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Originally Posted by alex99 View Post

Does someone have pics for the rest of the collection? These are not the only CPs coming out for FW 2011.

Good point, in particular I'd like to know if the Arctic boot is back.
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They look better in these pictures... But i would really like to see them in a fit - also, i think those pictures in this link is a bit confusing. They should have categorized them more, and at least wrote model name under each picture.
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BBall hi's are back wooo.

Going to kop for sure.
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A few more images from the F/W 2011 collection...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)













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kinda like the beige pair
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A fucker on his bike just ruined my cp suede shoes this morning frown.gif
See the result :

How should I remove that tire stain? Should I go to a cleaner, a cobbler?
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No training boots? confused.gif

They'd be great in that ivory colorway.
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i like the colours theyve done but no the change in shape, hopefully we will see these on the original look in the future
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Great stuff from Common Projects. They've definitely done a good job and have grown up a hell of a lot since they first started. You don't see much variation but they are consistent.


Not sure on what Mesta should do with his suede CP's. Had that same issue a while back and could never properly remove the mark ...

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