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this season does not look promising
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new season shoes looks nice to me. 



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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post

this season does not look promising

People say this every season.
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pretty much the same chorus, but there always the classics to fall back on
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Somehow picked these up on eBay for £26.00. biggrin.gif I think they are tourney highs. Anyone know what season?
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Just putting it out there, I have a pair of achillies low in tan sz 42 im on the fence about.  Message me if interested

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Do the vintage highs run longer than Achilles?
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Any word on whether they're releasing training boots again this season? I just got the gunmetal grey pair I ordered from Yoox, and now I kinda want them in more colorways. shog[1].gif

Also, what happened with the New Editions? Weren't those supposed to be out last season?
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I've never heard of them ever re-releasing training boots. I had to get my black pair through B&S. New Editions had some production issues and are pushed back. Could be FW but I'm not sure
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^ Gotcha. I hadn't seen this particular colorway before, which made me think/hope it was a sample or something from a new collection.
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TBS said the new editions got pushed back until September.
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dang, a canvas release pushed to fall...kinda defeats the original purpose
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yeah thats really annoying ... I've been waiting to see how those turned out

wonder what the issue was
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Could anyone tell me if the Tournament highs run like achilles? Or are they slightly bigger/smaller?
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