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I got Achilles Summer size 41. Normally use 9.5 and occasionally 10.

They were tight on the toe area at first but stretched after a few wears. I personally would go 41 unless you have very wide feet. I've only tried two styles on Cp in size 42 and they were huge.

I also found socks make a huge difference when they fit perfect.
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Depends on the model. Achille lows run smaller than the mids. I've had over 10 pairs over the years and I'm normally a 9.5 or 10 and wear a 42 comfortably in the lows, but the highs I always wear thicker socks or add an insole.
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hmm so achilles lows should stretch a bit? i sized down 1 and the length is fine, but i have wide feet and can see the outline of my foot straining against the leather. wondering if i should size up..
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the mids are a little larger all the way around, so you may want to maintain the same size but change models.
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fall winter models trickling into colette. Really liking the creepers.


wool achilles

rec shoes still suck
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Originally Posted by Roygbivuxg View Post

wool achilles
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



puzzled.gif How's this gonna work in rainy/snowy weather?

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Creepers are cool. Gum sole rec shoes are hideous D:
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Creepers look good.
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I agree, what's up with all the weird materials? Suede, wool, etc? I like common projects because the leather cleans up well and they look good after many wears....
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must have those creepers. goddamn.
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any one have codes for frans boone? (they have decent prices on CPs)
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CPs are ugly, I see them heading down the same path as Vans
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Please don't mention Vans lol


Too many people wearing them.

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yo toasty whats up your ass? eh.gif
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