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Common Projects F/W 11-12

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CP FW11 Premium Achilles
White, Beige, Tan, Navy

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Less clean.

Dunno if me rikey.
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common projects have been going downhill since 2009 imo.
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I handled that brown low ,a Chukka and the messenger bag the other day. the leathers seemed extra buttery but I don't like the lip running around above the sole...makes them looks like espadrilles.
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They look an awful lot like fancied up Supergas. Prefer classics.
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maybe a dumb question, but i was wondering if its possible to brighten up off white soles like the common projects vintage achilles high?! like gentle sandpaper it? chemical cleaner? andy ideas? i know from skateboarding when you flick and you sole gets thiner, off course white color peaks thru. whould that work with of whitebeige soles? thanks!
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^no. pretty sure the entire sole doesn't have layers, meaning its one, solid consistent color throughout...that's just how it was molded.

Really don't like that extra lip running around those new achilles confused.gif. The extended tongue doesn't do much for me either...

edit: on a positive note, im digging the ivory colorway and the contrasting tan leather lining
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Those look really bulky. I guess that's a good thing for the winter though.
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They look so... big and clunky. Glad I just got my original white lows on sale this past season.. not feeling those
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Don't really like or dislike them compared to normal achilles...
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Beige ones look nice, perhaps white too, may pick up for during a sale. Any idea on what the pricing on these are going to be? I like the brownish leather for the interior.
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I don't understand the bevel effect. Looks like they've been subject to a tragic parasitic worm attack. Sorry, not a fan confused.gif
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Not a fan as well, I think we are too accustomed to the cleaner sleeker look of the previous achilles models...
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I'm torn about this, on the one hand the design is less clean (I thought the point of Common Projects was an 'invisible' design to some degree), whilst I'm told the leather and overall quality is nicer.

Plus the more I look at it, the more I get used to the bevelled lip and extra-stitching.


edit: what's pricing like?
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The tan ones look dank as fuck, too bad these are probably gonna carry an even bigger price tag.
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