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A little advice?

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Alright, I think I've found the perfect bag for me. I just need some second opinions. Since it's on eBay, Do you think it's real? the seller has a handful of them listed, but I cant find anything to indicate it might be fake. Anyways, here it is.
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oops nm, pics are at the bottom heh. Ya, looks legit I guess. Either that or it's a really good fake.
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I'm looking at this guy's ebay store and he's got a lot of stuff and something like 2700 positives. I'd be interested to hear people's comments on the stuff as well. Think it's a boutique using ebay to get rid of stuff it couldn't sell at end of season sales?
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I have no idea..there is alot of positive feedback there though, and those messenger bags look really good. I'm probably gonna bid on one pretty soon. Could be one of those handbag boutiques. Since the only thing the seller is putting on are wallets, purses, messenger bags etc. etc.
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Ya, I'm thinking that too. I'm gonna bid on a couple items cause it looks pretty legit, and if not, whatever, the prices aren't exactly exorbitant. I'm almost positive that prada fakes (99% of them anyway) don't bother too much with the details like the lining etc. Oh and thanks for the link I think I'll be using this guy a lot for gifts etc., if after I get my stuff I know it's genuine.
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I think they're real. Having bought some real prada items for my girlfriend, I found that the real prada bags have a diamond shape edge at the tip of the "R" in PRADA. Likewise, the the tip of the "R" on the fake PRADA sign is straight with just an arrow tip. From the Pictures, the prada bag looks real. Hope this helps.
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Heh, I bought 2 belts, a messenger bag and a purse (not for me ;p) from that ebay store. I guess we'll see in a few days whether it's real or not but like everyone here has already said, it looks legit.
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Alright, well, let me know how everything turns out. I'm gonna be signing up to bid on ebay within a month, so it'll be nice to hear from a buyer thats already purchased. Good luck.
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While we're on the topic of prada items and ebay, I found a bunch of prada sport shirts up for auction. I'm a little worried cuz they're all from the same dealer and he seems to have this regular cycle of prada shirts which he puts out every few days, which I have been told tends to indicate fakes. On the other hand, he has a high feedback and power seller rating and shows close ups of the tags and nothing seems to be unusual. Nonetheless, maybe some ebay experts could reassure me before I do some bidding? here's an example one, he has many more like this
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Honestly I can't tell you much about it. Ya it's got tags that say prada but aside from that I don't know how you'd be able to tell having looked at the pictures. With clothes I guess you'd have to go on the quality of construction and the fabric used but you can't do that over the net. Personally, I don't own any prada clothes as I've never felt it was worth the price given the quality of the clothes. One of the telltale signs of fakes are that they're poorly made. Well... I've seen Prada shirts at retail stores with their buttons falling off before they've even been worn. Maybe someone who really knows the brand could give you some little things to look for that might help you tell if you're looking at a fake or not.
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I definitely would stay clear of "private auctions", unless it is for some item (usually of a sexual nature), which might be embarrassing to you. There is nothing embarrassing about a shirt. In a "private auction" you don't see whom you are bidding against. The seller might use several identities, and all his family and friends, to drive the price up. This seller likes "private auctions". There must be a  reason for this: you will be paying over the odds.
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I've heard that Prada Sport is one of the most frequently faked items on eBay. Take that for what it's worth.
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Probably, cause it's really not that hard to fake from the looks of it... And you gotta consider that a lot of the people that buy designer stuff off ebay are doing so cause they can't afford to pay retail for it. Consequently they're pretty ignorant as to what would constitute a fake or not since they don't have a lot of high quality clothes and it's pretty easy to pull one over on them. That's the only way I can see some of these power sellers having the huge numbers of positive comments that they do. People just don't know better, or they don't really care, they just want the label heh... Probably why prada sport is so populare, the label is impossible to miss, and I doubt Prada did that by accident ;p
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Yeah, I've been a little turned off with Prada after hearing the negative opinions on it from all the knowledgeable types here, and even moreso after checking some out myself at the mall. I've just been looking for some modern/tech-style clubwear to complete my wardobe and Prada seemed like it was worth a shot if I could get it cheap, but with all the warnings here I think I should pass on that vendor. The other label I've been looking at is Theory, though I've been having trouble finding much selection(this shirt and this shirt look nice but I have a feeling I could find better in that price range). Guess I'll go lurk on ebay and hope something comes up.
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The other label I've been looking at is Theory, though I've been having trouble finding much selection
Theory makes some nice stuff. I have a few Theory shirts that I find to be well-made. Another marque to look for that also does "modern" (blended cotton/wool/plastic, stretchy) fabrics is Samsonite Blacklabel. Peace, JG
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