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Are Bacco Bucci Shoes worth it

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Hey guys i just joined the forum. Ive been reading around for a while and decided to join.

Amazon is having a sale on shoes, 70% off. I saw some Bacco Bucci shoes there, that are going for very cheap.

Question is: Are these shoes worth the price they are selling on Amazon for?
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They're Kenneth Cole's cousin. If they were free, I'd said they're overpriced.
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So no go for these. They look pretty nice, esp the laced ones and i THINK they are made in italy?
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Hold off until 200% off sale comes around. That way you''ll get free shoes, plus equivalent of full retail price in cash

Hint: Nobody on here will touch that stuff with a barge pole
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MAkes sense. So i wont buy them. Thanks for the advice.
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I had some once upon a time, before I became educated about quality shoes.

They were alright, but seemed to crease easily, even with cedar shoe-trees after every use. Also rubber soled, and the heel on one began to delaminate.

I would never buy another pair again if that's any help.
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FYI, the Florsheim Kenmoor on the link are an excellent deal.
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn
If they were free, I'd said they're overpriced.


definitely true though
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If you really really need a pair of shoes right now and are on a tight budget, you could do worse. The Kenneth Cole comment was just stupid, Bacco Bucci made in Italy are still way better than KC's made in China. I have a pair of BB ankle boots I picked up for cheap at an outlet store ~5 years ago that held up pretty well, I still wear them occasionally with jeans. At 70% off it's not a terrible deal if they have a style you like. I'd really like to know what people think they could really get for $30 that would be better.
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ONLY buy if dirt cheap. Waste of money otherwise.
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I got mine for free.

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I would have to say, if you really like the style then go for it, but there are some problems (here goes):


Classic tale of just because they cost a bunch does not mean quality, most shoes are listed $130-225, as a Nordstroms from a 3rd party manufacturer (no listing of the company will show in google - hint might be a problem), however you can get them from DSW for 40-60% off select styles. However, telling what style you have to verify is going to be hard (I got a pair. Whoops! And even still, I have no idea what exact style they are - not listed on the shoe). While the quality is debatable because they are rubber sole. Personally, I like that because they slide just a little better on the dance floor but still have some grip - oxymoron I know but it kinda works. And because they are "leather uppers," they definitely have subpar treatments going on (leather dyeing protection, however they are quite soft). I'm guessing they you were attracted to them (as I was), seeing that from the display they looked: modern, Italian styling, and had that "sheen" that you thought meant little upkeep as opposed to leather creaming and polishing every 1-2 months like real leather shoes. Problem! That sheen is a vegetable somthing treatment, and if you do anything to try to condition the leather you lose it forever, also they are colored with a really crappy dying treatment so the ones that I only wear so often for the past 2 years in great weather look like crap, and it is only through the grace of a lower power that I stick with them (they slide nice, I wear then at night, I have tons of colored creme on them for a recoloring and gradient dull shine). I would say you could spend your money better, but then again it is hard to find quality shoes that are in more modern styles (Aldo looking at you you super kinda cool once in awhile but falls apart so damm easy). Hopefully this helps with your internal debate if you want to keep them or return your purchase.

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