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For Sale: Health and Wellness

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For Sale:
Health and Wellness

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Not sure that this is considered an accessory but, the "other" category is now gone so this is where I am posting this for now.

I am currently an sales rep. for Isagenix international. I am not sure if you have heard of their products or not but they are a global company that produces the highest quality natural weight loss and wellness products. I am currently a college student and I have personally had great success with their products I have also had countless friends have similar results.

I have seen several threads on here about supplements etc. and I believe that Isagneix carries some of the best products you can buy. They are not any more expensive than the typical products you could buy at GNC or Whole Foods but they are made with the finest ingredients and are produced to some of the highest standards. They have a whole range of natural products from protein supplements to cleanses and fat burners. All of these products could stand up with the synthetic products that have lists of chemical ingredients none of u could pronounce, but their products do not share the negative side effects associated with the fore mentioned ones. I have a large selection available and although they can be purchased through my site I will also be accepting paypal personal payments as well as local deliveries if you happen to be in the Tulsa area.

The specific product I am selling at $43 is the cleanse which is fantastic, I did the 9 day cleanse (not $43) and I lost about 12 pounds in 9 days!! I do also workout and have a decent diet but it did so much for me. I believe that you could expect to lose about 7-9 pounds during this cleanse realistically. My friends have had similar effects without nearly as much work as me. If your interested PM me.

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