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Overnight Acne Solution

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I've had phases of acne before but I've done a really good job in the past few months keeping my face clean. The last day or two some pretty notorious Acne popped up on my face in places that are pretty damn noticeable and I'm taking a photo for an ID that will last for a couple of years tomorrow. Obviously I'd prefer a photo with no Acne.

What are some of your tried and true overnight acne solutions? I just want to reduce the size of it.
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If it's an ID photo then just use makeup. Makeup doesn't show up very well in ID photos.
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Good idea. Go to the makeup counter at one of the department stores and ask one of the counter girls to help you cover it up. It'll look more natural than you trying to do it yourself.
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toothpaste. if it's just a few spot treatments. just a little dab over the pimples.
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if it is really really important and a good sized pimple seek out your derm and ask for a kenelog injection. it will make the pimple go flat in 24 hours
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

If it's an ID photo then just use makeup. Makeup doesn't show up very well in ID photos.

I did this earlier this year for the first time in my life. I didn't feel very manly doing it, but damn if it didn't cover up the problem and the photo looks fine.
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Will second the toothpaste trick. It doesn't eliminate them completely, but they shrink way down and aren't nearly as red.

Makeup also will work.
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Mint Jelup Masque works wonders.
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mario badescu acne spot treatment
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I heard about the toothpaste method and it went down a little. Luckily the ID photo was too low res to even see the pimple, but I'll keep the make up suggestion in mind.
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Sonya Dakar Drying Potion. Best thing I've ever used. Overnight it'll reduce the pimple to a small, flat red spot. Usually gone after the second night.
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