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They are a bit slow in updating the champs fantasy.
I think I will be able to count 1 point from this week's round.
Not entirely satisfactory.
I need to transfer 5 players quickly, as soon as September arrives.

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I'm hoping they update tomorrow. I had a couple of goals but as usual my defence seems to eat up any points I get...
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Your "couple of goals" seem to have done you well....
I am happy to be second.... after securing 4 poimts for the week smile.gif
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Better than I'd realised - all but one of my defenders scored 0 smile.gif

On the negative side, having used up my transfers one of my midfielders - Gradel - looks like he's off to Europe...
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19 points for the week!! I think I just gained 1 point on East Kent Albion.
I am a distant second in this table.

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19 points in this game is a great result.

I seem to be doing okay with the Championship, despite very limited knowledge of the players, whilst with the FPL I seem doomed despite having a half decent idea of what i'm doing smile.gif
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I think luck is an important factor.
But as long as I am challenging close to the top in both leagues, I will have good grounds to believe that luck is less important than brains, looks and dribbling skills. biggrin.gif
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Final Table

Manager Team Name Goals Assists Pts
Richard Drew East Kent Albion 74 58 461
William M Seychellois F C 68 45 406
Johan Plenty Badman Lee Marvin FC 41 51 340
Killer Bee AFC Sly 47 43 298

Richard and William are promoted and Johan and Killer Bee go directly to the big Wembly game.
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Should be an easy one.
Congrats gents and good luck in the prem.
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