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How did you end up here?

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Dear members,


This is my first post, and I would like to start by thanking everyone here as I have learned much by lurking in the last few months.


Here’s something I have been curious about: what made you start paying careful attention to the way you dress? I realize there are those gifted individuals with natural insight into these things, and recent graduates or mid-career professionals nervous about making a good first impression at a new job; but what of the person working at the same place in the same position who decides one fine day to make a change seemingly out of the blue? The question is this: what was your light bulb/eureka moment?


Fair is fair, so I will start.


I saw my reflection in the glass on the subway while returning home from a long day of work, and I looked terrible.


In my defense, I was working long hours, newly married ( and my in-laws decided to stay with us for two months after the wedding...YAY!!!)....but the facts remain the same: I was literally horrified by my own reflection.


So does anyone else have a similar story?







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I have always been a suave MOFO so the normal rules don't apply!
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i just knew it was time. the punk rock look wasnt employable anywhere with a future outside of hot topic. mummy and daddy always dressed us children well, so perhaps it was already in my genes? once i started getting 'dressed' i liked what i saw and have learned the rules so that my own style could shine through.
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just slowly started getting into nicer and nicer clothing..
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I used to read this forum often, maybe 1-2 years of lurking. Then I decided to join once I realized the value of being part of this community.
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Aeropostale clothes --> Buckle clothes --> Hollister Slim Fit jeans --> Hollister/Abercrombie Forums --> GQ --> GQ forums --> Style Forum.
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I found my way here on a search for a pair of nice looking work-style boots. Basically I ended up reading a bunch of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Review thread and now I'm using for everything else!
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I joined after following a link to a watch in the FS forum from another forum. I started poking around and never looked back.
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I don't have the fogiest idea biggrin.gif
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I have been lurking about for years really. My love for smart clothing comes from the mod scene and has evolved and grown into a more & more classic taste for men's clothing. There are a bunch of forums for this stuff on the interwebz of course, but this one seemed to correlate best to my personal taste. I think I found a link here from some Swedish blog.
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they paid me to join
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