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Would You Work In The Clothing Industry?

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Just asking to see what others think... Is it worthwhile if it's a passion?
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yes. anything that is a passion is worthwhile!
(loads of women in that industry!)
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Yes, I think it is if you're passionate. Bear in mind though: most people on these fora are passionate about clothing, but don't have jobs in the industry. Also, if you [are] train[ed] as a lawyer, accountant, banker, consultant, etc., you can always end up taking a job in a clothing related industry.
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Well, sure, since there are all sorts of roles to play in the clothing industry.
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Pretty vague question. I wouldn't mind working as a controller in a clothing company.
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I dont think I could tolerate all the sissies.
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If your truly passionate about it, and would be happy doing it why not?

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Fashion industry pay is low, but many jobs are in high COL areas like NYC. Might be difficult if you aren't already independently wealthy.
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I have contemplated the same question. I love what I do (marketing manager) but truly love fashion/style and spend a decent amount of time reading fashion blogs, SF, and magazines. My fiancé manages a department at a department store and lived it. I wouldn't want to do that but would enjoy marketing or merchandising. Her and I just discussed last night how a career as a buyer woul be a constant struggle between how you think people should dress themselves and how you think they will want to dress...
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Menswear tends be by the bros for the bros, not too many women involved in the whole process, unless you count the ones on the sewing machine or on the shop floor. Womenswear is where the party is at, but most men who are talented in womens clothing tend not to be there for the puss, know what I mean...
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