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Is This Zenga Suit Fake?

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Is this suit fake? I know it has a very different fit to it (one that I need), but for that price on a Zenga, it kinda have me iffy...
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Looks like a used Z Zenga short. I think the label is older to. The price is the starting price. Who knows what the final price will be.
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It's something about that tag that doesn't sit right with me.
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If you mean the inside pocket tag the angle makes it hard to judge anything but it doesn't seem obviously wrong.

The label is old I think. Check the Zenga label thread there might be an old Z Zenga label to compare to.
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had a very similar suit awhile back - it's real, the angle and flash on that photo is just off. if you want more photos, just ask the seller - sometimes they'll post some or email them to you. would agree it's not the super-newest thing, but I was surprised by some of the touches put into the suit I saw, and this one looks to have some of the same.

don't think about getting it for the bottom bid - think about the most you'd really be willing to pay, then bid that - and that's the best way to actually win, even against snipers, because if it goes over what it's worth to you it's not worth it.
post #6 of 9 people might mean 'Zegna'.
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The label is valid. I have a jacket with the same label. It's an older Z Zegna label. I can't say for certain that this suit is genuine, but it most likely is since the Z label is a cheaper Zegna line. Zegna is a label less faked than most as it's not as well known to the common person as an Armani or Burberry label, and this is a sub label making it all the less likely a fake.

If in fact it said "Zenga" as you guys mistakingly put, that would be another matter.biggrin.gif
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Sorry for the name mistake, I just wanted to rush it out lol Can someone tell me around what time frame this might have came out?
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Looks real
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