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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

StC indeed are very comfortable. And John Lobb lasts are the worst. I don't know who they make em for. Always either too big, too short, too low, high, etc

Have you ever considered that it might be YOUR feet that just don't fit? Maybe they make em for everyone else but you.
Anyway JL7000 fits me like a dream. Almost.
By the way, that museum leather is unparallelled!!!
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Fit is personal. Either they fit acceptably or they don't. No RTW shoes should fit like gloves unless both of your feet have the same or very similar dimensions.
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That's the nice thing about StC: you can modify the fit of the standard last to your personal speifications. Even different fit for each of your feet.
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But I don't consider StC as RTW anyway. More MTO semi bespoke.
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Shoe cleaning day smile.gif
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Wow, nice! fing02[1].gif

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Very nice collection
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Those austerity boots are exceptional... congrats.
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

anyone here cross shop their St Crispins with Anthony Cleverley semi-bespoke? or own both? I have a pair of St C but I haven't had any experience with AC, although the Leather Soul guys reserve the highest praise for AC (they offer both so I assume no bias)

if so your insights would be appreciated

I think both are in equal foot, albeit in different style.
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I have both but prefer the St C to the Cleverley which is also very well made and has a nice bevelled waist, if you are interested in the Cleverley then go for the bespoke but there will be a price difference.
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I love my 315's
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Jerry the boots are amazing!

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Bump for sheer shoe glory.
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Came across Saint Crispin's shop in Germany, 1180 euro (1000 w/o VAT)

Didn't buy any, but now I know my size.




These were on sale (shop floor models), 30% off

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