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Thanks to SF, I have 1 two sided brush and 1 for cashmere. Kent had a sale (as mentioned in AAAC) a few years ago and I was able to take advantage of the offer.

I brush the jacket and pants after I wore them. The suit feels it has been re-invigorated and the wrinkles seemed to have straightened out quicker.
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Who said I was easily influenced ???? I just ordered a Kent brush on eBay...
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From time to time, Kent will put seconds on eBay. I bought one of the double-sided brushes (model CC20, I believe), and, if I remember correctly, it was less than $30, including shipping from the U.K. I have no idea why it was classified as a second, as it looks perfect to me.
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They seem to be on ebay indefinitely now: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Kentbrushes__W0QQ_armrsZ1 It's the "DOUBLE SIDED CLOTHES BRUSH," GBP 16 (about $28) shipped to the U.S. Apparently the reason they sell them cheap on ebay is that "he handles may have some minor blemishes ie knots etc and dents as it is made from natural materials."
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I recently bought one of the double-sided Kent clothes brushes from the eBay link above. It came to GBP 20.00 (14.50 + 5.50 S&H), and that was for shipping to Canada. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, not even a dent in the handle. Seems to be a great deal if anyone is in the market for a brush.


I will point out that the package suggested that the "dark stiff bristle side" can be used for regular fabrics (e.g. wool/cotton), while the "white soft bristle" side can be used for more delicate fabrics like cashmere. Not sure if this means that having a separate cashmere brush is redundant or not.

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a suit is not a carpet...you don't need to brush it (I'm talking mainly about Bespoke suits not readymade). Brushing is a bad habit resulting in a movement of the fabric's fibers (maybe you can brush a stiffer fabric like velvet) that will enlarge, lenghten or move in other ways the fibers..if you use a coversheet you don't need to brush the suit. try to trust this.

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Regularly but not necessarily after each use. Much depends on the circumstances in which it has been worn.
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