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Originally Posted by notfortheweak View Post

Yeah, I'm interested in a Constellation and it's amazing how much info is out there on them and how difficult it's been so far to start to parse which watches are legit and which are (in the parlance of the various watch forums) frankenwatches. It definitely takes a lot of homework, but if I manage to find a legit pie pan constellation at a decent price, I'll be psyched.

i want a constellation too, and I'm so frustrated trying to figure out what's legit and what's a decent price. maybe it's not worth it. Quite a beautiful and classic looking watch though. if you find a legit, solid source please post where.
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When it comes to buying vintage watches, one word of advise..."Buy the seller not the watch". Reputable sellers will try to disclose to the best of their knowledge if a vintage watch has a refinished or original dial. Vintage watches are known for their original dials along with the aged patina. Anything that looks new, is probably a redial. Redialed vintage watches are significantly less desirable than their original dial counterparts.

Try not to buy on L'ebay, and seek out a vintage watch dealer. Sometimes it is very hard to figure out if a dial is original or refinished. If it's too good to be true, then it usually is.
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Vintage Omega watches are really cool. Here's my one and only and all original Omega Seamaster Automatic Day Date, caliber 1020, model 366.0845 from 1977 ...........  











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I have Late dads..He bought it in Switzerland from Omega Itself..I think it is App 55 years old.

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I own a Seamaster Deville from 1963 in 18K Gold.
Any recommendations for a relaible appraisal?
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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It should be less than $300. Its just a simplistic watch that tells time (I know because my dad used to have one). 

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They don't keep very good time... 

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Originally Posted by anglerfly View Post

They don't keep very good time... 

Never did. In the 70s I replaced it with a Timex as my every day watch.
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I recently listed a vintage SEAMASTER on ebay and was hoping you could shed some light on the value...I've had several offers right off the bat. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Ebay item #

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Try these guys, they usually have a really good selection:

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Originally Posted by iatrogenic View Post

Looking to purchase a vintage Omega Seamaster. However, I do not know much about vintage watches. How do you recommend I go about making a purchase? I love the look of the old Seamasters...just do not want to get scam with a fake.

Try I have had good experiences there! Cheers!
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