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Bruno magli shoes

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The only thing I know about Bruno Magli shoes is that they're O.J. Simpson's footwear of choice when escaping from a crime scene.  Does anyone have any opinion of their fit and quality, particularly compared to other makes around the same price point (Bally, Ferragamo, etc.)?
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Personally I think they're "ugly ass shoes" VBG. Sorry, couldn't resist. That was too easy.
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They are known for high quality but I think only old guys wear them.
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They're good shoes, definitely in the same ballpark as Ferragamo, quality-wise. I have a pair of wonderful pair of black Magli ankle-boots that I've used and abused (including wearing them for a week straight in Venice -- normally I wear a pair of shoes about once a fortnight) and they still look gorgeous. Keep in mind, they do have diffusion lines (Magli Sport, etc.) that are built more to a price than a quality level. But their good ready-to-wear stuff is quite good indeed. Peace, JG
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I have a pair of Magli black cap toes for business and formal wear. As far as i can tell they are of exceptional quality and leather. Pretty comfortable as well.
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Magli compares well to Bally and Ferragamo in terms of quality. Stylistically, I find Magli shoes to be a bit conservative for my tastes, although I've seen a few I wouldn't mind owning. I have one pair of pearl gray, hand-made Magli shoes that are of excellent quality. Then again, I don't often feel compelled to wear gray shoes, so they haven't had to stand up to too much stress.
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It's been my experience that the quality of Bruno Magli is slightly less than that of Ferragamo. The Magli is also a much heavier shoe. That's just my two cents.
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