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While I don't think the guy should have called them, or anybody assholes for wearing suits I do feel that this letter is rather pointless and demonstrative of what Summers was trying to say about them. Writing a letter crying about what somebody thought of you during a meeting 7 years ago obviously shows a lack of self-esteem. If I found out that my college president thought I was an asshole during a meeting I would laugh about it. I think some people have too little time on their hands to be worrying about such things.
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A large pair of dressed-up young twins - that could be both physical intimidating and pompous. They're probably complaining now based on the belief that they might have won the case if Summers had acted differently. In addition, people instinctively seem to be highly bothered by appearance discrimination toward them. Edit: keep in mind that, as twins, they've probably been irked since early liife at comments about their similarity.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

Are you basing this on personal knowledge of these individuals or just the movie's portrayal of them?

Because Facebook is a paradigm clearly designed by an asshole. Only a total effing ASSHOLE would inflict Farmville and MobWars on innocent human beings, and I don't believe those gentlemen had anything to do with those travesties.

Never saw the movie. . . but come on Winklevoss?
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plus one, and anyone named Winklevoss is an asshole, full stop.

Dressing well with respect and courtesy to a president makes one an asshole these days? And what the fuck does "anyone named Winklevoss is an asshole" mean? It's a goddamn name.
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There's a lesson people could take from this, if, for example, they're "too good-looking:
Know one's audience, and avoid what's considered flashy for one's age or circumstances.

For example, the twins could have worn sportcoats, light blue OCBD's, and dress pants. Friendlier, less "swagger." Summers probably felt resentment at being outdressed by privileged "kids."

This is my interpretation of it. Only Summers should be well above such resentment--especially for something so superficial.
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I was told that some Wharton ungdergrads wore suits to class.
Perhaps this is what Summers was referring to.
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This is Larry "quantitative easing" Summers we are talking about, part of the Obama team? Does he have high enough moral standards now to call other people arse holes? I bet he aquired those moral standards second hand from ebay.

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