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Originally Posted by Septavius View Post

Etymotic Research HF-5's.


Nice choice. Loved my HF-2's until I lost them somewhere in China :(. The sound isolation with foamy tips is amazing for long-flights.



Originally Posted by akatsuki View Post

Just bought some Heir Audio 4.A CIEMs... now to get some earmolds made"


Pretty. Never heard of them before.



I use Beyer 880/600 at home. Extremely comfy. Balanced sound.


Sold my AKG's and threw my Grados out the window.

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AT ADH-A70O, Grado SR60 & Harmon-Kardon Premium BT in the basement; Martin - Logan Mikros90 on the main floor; AKG Q601 (with a Pro-Ject HP amp) and Bose Soundlink OE on top floor; finally Plantronics Backbeat Pro for commuting.
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Sennheiser HD800 with an HDVD800 as my main setup. A few other pairs for various uses... Amperiors, IE800 earbuds, etc.
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Just bought some Fidelio X2s, so far they are stellar, not even using amplification...
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Got some Sony MDR-EX650 T the other day. The best sub $100 earbuds I've ever heard. Think they're Euro or Japanese market only or something.

At home on my PC I have Sennheiser RS 180 (wireless) and they're great.
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I use an Audeze LCD-2 plugged into a Burson Audio DAC+Rega Brio Amp combination.


For portable use, Westone 4R plugged into an Astell and Kern AK100...

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What else is everyone using in the $500ish range? I'm looking for something over-ear, closed, with minimal leakage. This will mostly be used with my desktop system with a Yulong D200 DAC / headphone amp. (Using Adam F5 speakers with that) Currently I have some AT M50s I've had for a long time, and Etymotic ER-4s for earbuds. Since this is mostly for my desktop, portability isn't a huge issue although if it's something I can take on the road (I'm a musician) it would be a plus.

I haven't had a chance to audition them but I'm considering things like the Oppo PM1, NAD HP50, etc. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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You might want to try Bowers and Wilkins P5

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Originally Posted by Shinystuffbuyer View Post

You might want to try Bowers and Wilkins P5

Thanks, I'll try to give them a listen as well. I'm a big fan of their speakers (had some 602s for a while 10-15 years ago), but have never tried their headphones. Any thoughts on P5 vs P7?
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People say P7 is significantly better than P5. I own a P5, Beyerdynamic DT1350 and a Thinksound On1. I like the P5 but I do use the Thinksound a lot too.

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I found a couple of good comprehensive reviews of this price range:

Anyone tried the B&O H6? I sort of thought of B&O as more of a "designer headphone" but reviews seem pretty good.
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This review was pretty positive for the Oppo PM-3 (mistyped and said PM-1 above, which is out of my range):

I've had an Oppo BDP-80 blu-ray player for 5 years or so and have been pretty happy with it, so I think I might give the PM-3 a try. Reviews seem pretty great and my personal experience with the company has been positive. I'll post once I try them for a while.
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I've had the Oppo PM-3s a couple of days now. Used them for a music transcription/re-orchestration gig for about 8 hours today and they've been pretty fantastic. Definitely my current faves.
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Got the new RHA T20i earbuds in black from the Apple store. Still breaking in but nice sound quality with the reference filters. Very comfortable and nicely isolating on noise.
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I got some Sony MDR-XB500's a few years ago at an outlet for $50, only recently opened them. They were a lot better than expected, but when I looked to go buy another set as a gift I found that unopened ones go for $250+ on eBay now 

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