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What headphones do you use?

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I am curious as to whether or not this love of high quality extends to other areas of one's life, including personal audio.
I'm loving my Shure SCL2s.
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Panasonic RP-HTX7PP-W love the retro styling.
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Audio Technia ADH-AD700. I'm on my second pair. They're grotesquely enormous, but you can barely notice them, even after hours of playing.

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Grado 60 -- haven't used them much since I live by myself and usually listen to speakers.
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Westone UM3x
Sony e888 (two pairs, love them for some reason)
audio technica.... aluminum earbuds. forgot what they're called.
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Bose QC3 - Love the warm tones and the Noise Cancelling is second to none

a-JAYS Four - iPhone headphones with full mic and control. Great upgrade to the crappy white headphones.

Senheiser MX90s - Workout headphones. Good bass and nice and secure.

I also use a pair of Bose Aviation X for flying - good ANR and fits in my Cessna without any adaptors.
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B&O A8. only really use them for travelling.

I have some Shure E2cs too but I lost the padding and haven't ordered any replacements. foo.gif
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Etymotic Research HF-5's.
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Remolded Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's
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Sony MDR-V700.
Best cans I've ever owned.
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For home use: Sennheiser HD600

I just replaced the outer foam covers ($50.00) after 10 years of wear and they feel like new again.

For work/gym/travel: Shure SE530

These are not as comfortable as the HD600 but still sound great and are more practical for on the go listening.
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Grados SR-80's. Good sound on the cheap.
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Shure SRH-840s. Love 'em. Wish they had a bit more bass, but they're so neutral that they make up for any lack of lower frequencies. Plus, I don't have an amp/DAC yet, either. I hear the bass tightens up and increases in punch with a good amp.
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Just ordered some Senheiser 555. Apparently, if you remove a tiny piece of foam from the inside they sound just like the 595.
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Portable: little Yamaha somethings I picked up for 30 bucks

Portable and Home: Sennheiser HD280 Pros (nearly 10 years old!)

Home: Grado SR 225
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