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Entry level raw denim

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So I'm looking to buy my first pair of raw denim, since I want to see what all the fuss is about but I don't want to spend too much seeing as it's my first pair. My question is what are the best brand of jeans I can get, I'm looking to spend up to 100 dollars. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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you can grab APCs when they're on sale for about that
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apcs rarely if ever go on sale, spend the extra 65$ and get some apcs though, you wont regret it
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I honestly don't know why people keep recommending APC. Unless you're absolutely in love with the fit (which I was when they were still 155) they're overpriced. For 175, you get decent denim made in Tunisia :/
You can get 3sixteen (Made in USA with Japanese denim) or Naked and Famous (Made in Canada with Japanese denim). You can find Naked and Famous for around $100 on the B&S new or slightly used if you look a little. If you live near an Urban Outfitters, you can get a pair of Unbranded jeans (Made in China with Japanese denim) for 80, 40 on sale. Bottom line, APC is no longer a good paid of "entry level raws" when there is so much more out there at around the same pricepoint or less.

Also OP, next time you have a quick question go to one of these threads:

I Have A Jean...(The Ultimate Jean Thread For Beginners) - Ask Questions Here.

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just had that conversation with someone yesterday; APC is definitely on the verge of pricing themselves out of their niche as affordable raw denim (now made in Macau, not tunesia FYI) and another company is DEFINITELY going to eat their lunch soon. Who it will be is unclear; I'm not really a fan of naked and famous and from what i can see on 3sixteen site the fits seem off (though I think the model isn't helping).

that being said, i do love the fits and they look great on a range of types. they are the only jean that I can spot and identify from down the block. besides true religion, but that's for a whole different reason...
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I think there's a lot to be said for the cut of apc denim. Might be way off base, but I feel like I remember Heidi modeling the Dior 19s after being influenced by the new rescues. Regardless of where they're made I've always been happy with the quality.

But my real reason for posting is to note that sw&d is filled with threads about cheap denim now. If it doesn't change soon I may retire my brief stay here
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Thanks to everyone for their help! I would have posted in the I have a jean thread but i've asked a question before and got no answer so I thought it might be better to start a new thread. Does anyone know where in what stores I could find a pair of apcs so I could try them on, I live in Chicago so I can go to a wide range of places.
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try Penelope's in the Ukranian Village

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I have few pairs of nudie and g-star. I would say nudie jeans are good . They have teh wide varity of fits. but would be over $100. try getting them on sale. Or cheap monday they are under $100.
And be careful with RAW denim. They will bleed. My raw denim runied few white shoes, few light coloured shirt sleves , my car letaher seats and my gf's LV bag. Goodluck
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What ice86x said, I picked up my pair there too.

And Haberdash, either the 607 N State St location or 1350 N Wells. They've got Edwins, 3Sixteen, Nudies and some other brands. They've often got sales going on. It wasn't uncommon that you could pick up a decent pair on sale for a little bit more $, or if you wanna scope out other brands after your first pair of raw. They're addictive. Too bad Chicago weather's scorching right now frown.gif

Tell them Chris sent you and they'll help you, good luck with the search!
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Naked and Famous. One of my favorite brands, starts at $120 new.

Look around in the classifieds, I just snagged a pair for $65.
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I know most people may not agree with me here, but for an "entry" pair of raw denim, Levis isn't too bad. I've seen raw selvedge on sale for under 100. Granted, it's not the *best*, for your first pair it won't hurt.
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From my experience, none of the aforementioned brands (Unbranded/n&F, 3 sixteen, nudie) can beat APC's combination of quality, price and fit.

I've been wearing raw denim for 4 years now, and I came back and bought my 4th pair of APC's after going through Dior, Flathead and Imperial.
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A.P.C. denim I say stopped being good value appox. two years ago. Now for around same price you can get much better denim.

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

The manufacturing really does not seem to be up to the same standards as they used to be - more dropped stitches, things loose and hanging threads, a seam that actually busted wide open (below the knee, so there was not even a lot of tension there. Trims were definitely cheaper on my last couple of pairs.

I think that the new "gold standard" is the RRL slim fit, which actually fits not unlike the new standard, though these days, I prefer to use them as my more relaxed jeans, and size down just 1. Hey, even the same vanity sizing! The denim is nice, but not great, and there are the nice touches like hidden rivets and tailored belt loops. At $230 retail, they are a lot nicer than APC at $175 retails.

A step up would be the Triple Works slim fit, which, at $275, is honestly, one of the best jeans at that price. Denim is a wearable 15 ounces. The color is deep, nearly black grey, and ages well, and there are a lot more bells and whistles. Trim levels are good, with brass donut buttons, lined back pockets, hidden rivets, etc..., and the make is very nice. The taper is fairly severe though. Put it this way. I have "regular" muscular calves, and I need to put on my socks before my jeans, because there is no way a 14" opening (on a size 32) is going over my calves.

You can find RRL lots of places, but never click to order. Blue Owl and Mortar both carry Triple Works.
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Originally Posted by Alfa159 View Post

A.P.C. denim I say stopped being good value appox. two years ago. Now for around same price you can get much better denim.

Oh yeah, when APC increased the price by $20, suddenly, overnight it became a poor value sarcasm.gif.
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