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Cashmere sweater

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I have decided to wash my cashmere sweater for the first time (its baptism ).  I have read that handwashing cashmere should be done in warm water with a mild soap such as shampoo.  I was wondering if it would be ok to handwash my sweater in cold water with Woolite or a Fine Fabric detergent.  Thanks for the input.
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I would use Woolite and lukewarm water. Be sure to reshape the sweater on a towel and put one inside it to dry out. I find that "fuzzy" sweaters dry better if they are sort of compressed while drying, so you might consider rolling it up in the towels and then changing them with dry ones a while later depending on how thick it is. Then steam it with an iron on the lowest steam setting to get the stretchiness back.
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i've actually done the hand washing in a sink with shampoo and rolling it in towels process but find that washing it in the gentle cycle of your machine, cold water, woolite or zero detergent, and laying it flat and reshaping it ends up with just as good results just make sure you have use of a good washing machine
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Thanks for the response guys. The problem I have is that the washing machine in my apartment does not spit out warm water, even when I have the dial set to warm. I figured that doing it in the washing machine would be the best place. Otherwise, I could always do it in my bathroom sink. Warm water is not a problem there. In terms of shampoo, I use Herbal Essence...so I might just stick to Woolite or this Fine Fabric detergent from Target. Because this is just a rented apartment and I am away at college, I am not sure I trust this wash machine enough to wash my sweater on a gentle cycle (although the units are only 2 years old so everything is pretty new). I think I might just stick to washing it in my sink with lukewarm water and use Woolite. I didn't think about steaming it, but if you think it's necessary I can try it on a small inconspicuous spot afterwards.
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Some people trace the shape of the sweater on a piece of paper before it's washed, so that they can use the template to correctly reshape it after washing.
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