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3-5 day getaways from NYC

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Hello iGents

For our anniversary and also as a reprieve from the grind of the city, i'd like to take my wife for a 3-5 day trip. I've been thinking of either going all the way up to Maine to shack up at a BnB and stuff our (mainly mine) stomachs with seafood or flying down south to the quieter beach of Florida / S.C for some good old American tanning.

I'm not ruling out anything else that isn't too far and won't break the bank. Any suggestions on places to stay or even completely new options for us would be greatly appreciated. Looking to spend about $2.5k total for the trip (transportation and hotel).

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Montreal is lovely unless you are looking to avoid a city altogether.
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Thanks - we actually went to Montreal 2 years ago. Loved the place.

Keep 'em coming!
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Great camp in the Adirondacks.




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DR or PR??
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Been to PR.

DR - would feel a bit wary and guilty all the same time with Haiti right next door. Irrational I know.
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Charleston and Savannah are two wonderful southern cities. For a quieter experience, go to Beaufort, S.C. All these places are probably very hot right now.

Iceland is an out-of-the-box choice. It's gotten a lot cheaper since the Icelandic economy crashed a few years ago, but would still bump up against your cost ceiling.
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Maine is great.

But if you're looking for something similar and closer, check out Cape May after Labor Day.

Crowds dwindle but weather and water temps are perfect. Great Victorian BnB's and restaurants. Fantastic park/nature preserve.
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if you want something very close, check out crystal springs gold/ spa resort in NJ.
A little over an hour from the city. Great restaurants, good spa/golf, pretty cool pool.
Probably more of a 2-3 night place than 5.
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