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Vineyard Vines?

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How is the quality of Vineyard Vines for the price?
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I have a polo I've had for about 4-5 years that seems to be holding up quite well. And I have some ties that are older than that.
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Hmmm if I remember right Nataku has/had some for sale on eBay. I would ask him what he thinks of them smile.gif
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I recently graduated from college and upon graduation realized that I had a pretty overwhelming surplus of the stuff.

It's more or less standard Chinese-made beater gear. IME on par with any "ponied" PRL stuff. Good to throw on for overly casual situations (in my case: class, messy fraternity parties, hangovers, etc).

While they do have a wide variety of button-front shirts and button-down sports shirts, I would not consider them anywhere near appropriate formal or business wear (unless you are going to a sorority formal or work for your dad's commercial real estate company). The cuts on them can be extremely billowy (think BB mainline) and I found myself routinely sizing down one or even two sizes, in extreme cases.

All and all they are what you would expect of them. They'll last longer than anything you buy at Macy's or Kohl's, but aren't going to be pieces you hand down to your son.
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If they ever decide to offer an XS polo, I'll let you know...
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IMO, the bow ties are overpriced, but the regular ties seem to be pretty decent if you can snag one on sale. I also have a pair of VV patchwork pants and they have held up great so far.
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Their casual stuff is OK. A bit pricey for the level of quiality unless you are picking them up on a heavy discount.
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