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Ray Ban Wayfarers

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whats is the difference between the bosch and lomb wayfarers from the 80's and the ones that ray ban makes now..
are they any big difference besides the logos on the lense and sides?
can somebody post pics of the 80's version compared to now
i own 2 pairs of the 2140's but the 80's style like from risky business still look deifferent
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My dad has some old ones he bought around 1973 and I bought mine in 2006. They are definitely different. Hard to explain, the newer ones have a more pronounced tear drop over the bottom edge, the reach lower and the angles seem sharper (again, not sure how to explain this, you have to see them side by side). I like the older ones better, if you find some vintage ones grab them.
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Have a search around as this topic has been discussed at length before, and there were a few excelelnt posts by someone (sorry, I forget who) who was clearly extremely knowledgeable about this. In short, there are differences over the years, in frame shape and angle in particular.

I got some new 'vintage' styled ones a couple of years ago and didn't like them as the lens was so flat there was a constant white spot in my vision from light behind me. Someone nicked them anyway, so when I went to replace them I got whatever they call the updated version which has a slightly slimmer frame, not so 'flat', not such a sharp angle at the temple and slightly more curved around the face. They look better and I don't have that problem with reflected light from behind. Anyway, search away as the answera that you seek - and then some - are all somewhere in this forum!
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Ray Ban currently has a "New Wayfarer" and a "Wayfarer". The new one is more rounded, whereas the regular one is the older styled one. They both come in various sizes as well.
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wow thought more people would know about this
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They were once produced by Bausch & Lomb in the US. Ray-Ban is now owned by the luxxotica group and are produced in Italy. The conventional wisdom, such as it is, is that they are not as well-made as when they were made here. My guess is that's largely a product of the "trend" favoring made in the US production, particularly in the denim and street wear arena.
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Vintage Wayfarers may not offer any UV protection so be very cautious about wearing them on bright sunlight days.. I have a couple of old pairs like this and all they have are Polarised lenses; basically the same process that you would find on a camera lens filter. They have no UV protection and what makes that a possible issue is that your eyes have the shade without the protection, the pupils dilate with the glasses on and the sun can burn your corneas in the process. I only wear my vintage Wayfarers on overcast days if I want to enjoy them, yet one doesn't need sunglasses on overcast days and only to pose in while seated in an outdoor cafe.

Modern plastic composition and processes will be different from that of decades ago.
On my vintage Wayfarers the plastic is black and the frames are somewhat thicker; bulkier and certainly heavier than modern ones.
Vintage Wayfarers may have the following markings:
  • (Inside Left) WAYFARER (Inside Right) B&L RAY-BAN U.S.A. (B&L marking stands for 'Bausch & Lomb')
    Side View: the top of the frames are leadning forward prominently while the lower rims sweep back to rest on the cheek.
    Nose bridge is molded right into the frames and are not adjustable.
    Arm hinges have no back-spring and cannot bend outward.
    Hinges that join the side arms to the rims have decorative but plain elliptical studs, both front and sides (WAYFARER)
    Lense glass will be of real untempered glass (dangerous of a rock ever hit them while on your face).
    Side arms are wide and flat and taper toward the back. There is a ridge that coomodates the ear.
    A common issue wth that vintage was they either fit perfectly or were too tight or too large but seldom perfect fit.
    On a hot day, with perspiration on the nose, it was common for the heavy things to drop off your head, and I mean fast!.
    If you swung your head or jerked it left or right bruptly, they were prone to flying right off your head with efficient lightning speed..
    This would be of serious concern while driving a car or performing any other dangerous task.

There used to be an optional strap one could by to stop the glasses from flying off the head.
There were 2 models of strap:
1) wide elastic cloth strap that attached to the side arms and snugly fit around the head. literally holding them on..
2) elastic-type rope that attached to side arms but hung loose behing the neck, serving only as a safety catch if they flew off your melon.
Summarily, the old Wayfarers were a good looking but unsafe product, though still great to strike a pose in.

The 'WAYFARER II' model has 'scripted 'Ray Ban' studson the sides of the arms.
The frames don't jut forward quite as much as the original Wayfarer model.
Both WAYFARER and WAYFARER II models came in Mens and Womens models and in sizes for children and adults.
I am now realising that the pair that jut forward are womens and the ones that are more flat are the mens.
This makes sense because the ones that jut forward do have a more feminine effect while on my head.
Hope this helps.
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I took my awesome old Wayfarers to the optician today here in Berlin, Germany. They are the original Wayfarers, without the nasty Ray Ban sign on the side, from the beginning of the 80s I gather.

Anyways the guy pulled out an old machine from the 80s as well, which measures UV protection.

RESULT: My Ways were letting go just 2% of the UV through them.

The guy said they are "sehr gut!" and repeated "sehr sehr gut."

So start waxing those skis, or smearing with sunscreen, wherever you're heading the good old Wayfarers got you covered. At least mines do!



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Awesome first post! Welcome to Style Forum, enjoy your stay!
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Bausch and lomb lenses are superior to luxottica lenses on every level...they protect against uv extremely suggest otherwise is highly addition, no b/l lens was polarized unless it was marked GP
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