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Bmw E46 M3

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what do ya guys think of the bmw e46 m3 2001-2005

i always thought it was a fast and fun car but lately people wher i am from have been calliing it "slow" and "outdated"
would you all agree witht hat
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Slow and outdated, relative to what? I think it's a fun and practical car. All things being equal, faster is of course always better.
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I really don tknow what people think..yea its a fun car
i own one its just that ive been getting a bit of hate for it recently and was just wonderin what people on here think
its fun to drive and all i think, but are new cars THAT much better then it?
like say the 335i coupe?
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The E46 M3 isn't a torquey car. It never was. It is a fun car and performs extremely well for what it is, but sure, there are faster or more luxurious cars out there. I guess you have to decide what it is you are after.

I think right now is a bad time to buy new if you are particularly fond of BMW's latest and greatest. The 335i just came out, and it still needs a few more people to beat on them before their reliability is truely understood, and the new M3 is just around the corner. I couldn't justify spending the money on the 335i right now just to find out that I really would have rathered bought an M3. Although, you aren't looking at the 335 specifically. Maybe you have the right idea. Buy an older E46 M3 and toss that around until the new M3 and new 335 have come into their own.
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The E46 M3 is way more car than most (99.9 percent?) people can handle. It's plenty fast if you know how to drive.

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they're lying to you. it is a very fast car.
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The e46 M3 will always be a fast car but it will be outdated by the next generation. That happens as do all model cars when a new version comes out. However being outdated is just a fact of life, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. I think it will always be a classic and one of the most memorable cars in BMW history. I love the new 335 too, it will be a worthy successor to the e46 M3 I believe when that model comes out.
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The 335i coupe does nothing for me. It has an ass that just irks me the wrong way. I'm a huge fan of M3s, but I don't know if I can get passed the ass thing. It looks okay from this spy video though.
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Yes, the e46 m3 is a fast car. I guess some might call it outdated because BMW has really upped the powertrains in the new cars. A lot depends on what styling you prefer but if you're looking at performance, the m3 is more than enough car.
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If you enjoy driving it, and like looks/interior/etc, then go for it. Yeah, there are always faster cars, but faster doesn't always mean you'll enjoy driving/owning them more. One of my friends had a C5 Z06 for a while, and while it was crazy fast when you wanted it to be, the other 99% of the time it was incredibly boring because it felt so slow and dull at normal speeds. Some of my favorite cars to drive have been Miatas and old 911's. Not real fast by today's standards, but always put a smile on my face when I took them out...
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