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Pretty simple question, but can't see it in the FAQ:


- is there any way to customise My Subscriptions to show BOTH forum subscriptions AND thread subscriptions on one feed (but NOT every thread in the forums we subscribe to).


Background: currently, in the My Subscription Page, you can choose between seeing Activity, Forums, Threads and Profiles. I use the Forums page as my bookmark for SF, replicating how I used the Favourite Forums feature of vBulletin to have a personalised main index page for SF. However, under vB, if someone added a new post in a thread you had subscribed to, that thread was featured at the top of the in the UserCP Favourite Forums page. Currently, you can only see your Thread subscriptions by clicking into that section. This is unsatisfactory, as I don't want to have to remember to check my subscribed threads for activity, I want them to flag up activity automatically. However, I do not want this via email; I want to be notified when I actually log into SF and not before. The massed activity feed is useless, as if you're subscribed to a forum, it shows every thread within that forum.


Reasons this specific functionality is very useful: following a thread in a subforum you don't normally read; monitoring specific B&S threads for seller activity.


Acceptable workarounds would include: SF PM'ing you when a new post is added to a subscribed thread, thus prompting you to check your Threads feed in My Subscriptions. As you can set up new PM's to display a pop-up message on logging into SF, this would prompt you to check that thread. This workaround would have been possible under vB, but it seems Huddler only allows email notification which is next to pointless to me as I'm not going to make time to log into SF sooner than I intended just because I get an email about a thread. I want to be prompted to check a favourite thread out specifically [i]when[/i] I log onto SF. Email notification works for urgent checking but not casual interest in the specific thread.



(and completely off topic, but for the love of god, is there any way to use UBB/smilie code in the fancy post editor; the default editing format is too bloody annoying nowadays, with HMTL all over the place in people's quotes, but the fancy editor doesn't seem to recognise the ubb code tags).