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Living in the midwest sucks

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When you buy clothes/shoes you want to see them in person check for tiny flaws try sizes etc. I live in the mid west and i dont have access to armani, gucci, prada, stone island at all. I can get some mavi, kenneth cole, faconable, guess. Ive seen some nice stuff over the internet but i know i would order a size and it would be wrong and then id have to ship it back and wait all over again. Have any of ya orderd much online Ive found: Altamoda Italia- Kitmeout- Brown Regent St. Marketing the shoes: shoe avenue shoe parlor shoes dream have nice stuff.
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Unless it's something I already have one of, I really dislike shopping online, precisely because of the reasons you mention. Sizes fluctuate wildly among designers, and even among different pieces in the same collection (I'm usually a size larger in Diesel, L instead of M, but most of the stuff I picked up this year is M. Frustrating.) Try the larger stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Bloomingdales - they all have comprehensive websites with online shopping. The former have their Men's Catalog online, which is somewhat sparse, but it should give you some ideas. You can always call them toll free and speak with someone about a particular piece you're looking for. Ask for measurements and compare them to a well fitting piece you already own. You may find an occaisonal gem on eBay, but I've found that more than 99% of the stuff on there is fake. A search for "Dolce & Gabbana" will bring up over 600 hits, but usually less than 5 of those are genuine pieces (even worse with easily faked stuff like Gucci and Prada.)
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Buying from catalogues is also an option. Many of the big brand names have catalogues such as Ferragamo, Bally, Thomas Pink, etc.
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