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OCBD Fit? ***PIC***

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out if this shirt fits in the shoulder and chest area:


Its a Brooks Brothers OCBD Slim Fit 16.5 36

Any thoughts?

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Looks good to me.

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Looks good to me too
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Hold on there - not so fast!biggrin.gif

Isn't the shirt rising up a bit in the back around the collar? If this is what I see that is a sign that it's a bit too tight across the shoulders.

Check it out more carefully in the mirror though - this could just be a minor problem in the photo.

Otherwise - looks good.
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Same size and fit I buy. Looks terrific!!!
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looks good for OTR. I'm guessing you have a slight hunch? you might be better off generally with double back pleats instead of a box. side and back pics would help with the feedback, plus a shot with your hands at your sides and also outstretched.
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