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For Sale:
Custom Turned ink pens - Exotic Hard Woods and Acrylic

Will Ship To: Anywhere


For sale: Custom turned pens. These pens are made from high quality 10k & 24k Gold, Chrome, and Rhodium (white gold). Each is hand turned on a wood lathe in my shop and feature a 2 year warranty.

Pictured are the current pens for sale in the Signature Line,


  • Signature 2 is a Birds Eye Maple with an antique cherry finish, this pen is finished in high quality 24k Gold.
  • SOLD Signature 3 is a fused blank combining an exotic Central American wood, Cocobolo and Birds Eye Maple. This pen is finished in 24k Gold.
  • Signature 5 is a beautiful piece, made from American hard wood, Walnut and is finished in Chrome.
  • Signature 6 is a Maple Burl wood that has been impregnated with green resin. This pen is finished in 24k Gold.


[B]Nobleman 1 is an acrylic made from smoky tobacco colors fused with a beautiful caramel tone. This pen is large and an amazing piece. This line usually starts at $50! (This pen has a small defect in the acrylic which is mostly hidden by the pens cap clip and is being discounted by 50%) [/B] More to come from the Signature Line as well as the bigger more stately Nobleman Line.

Custom orders are accepted.


Each purchase includes, free shipping and a nice display case for the pen. Thanks! JD&Co.


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