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Levi's red label links

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Sorry it has been awhile since the post about the jeans links, but I been too busy lately. Here now finally is the links you wanted, hopefully they are still relevant. http://www.assu-j.com/levisred/lred2.html; and http://levis.wear.jp/LER/index.asp. Also one of them has a second page of the 2001 line, but I forget which one that is, so explore both sites.
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Thanks for the links Timothy. Red line wasn't what I was thinking of; I was at Barney's today and what I actually was talking about was Levi's Premium. BTW anyone else sick of the faded look, (The white on the thighs and butt). I can't stand it anymore. What's really bad is the jeans that aren't even worn out; I'm talking about the ones with the white painted on. This whole look is really starting to annoy me.
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Yeah, that white on the thighs thing looks pretty stupid. It's too different from what natural fading looks like and it's a little over done
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