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Simple workout tip:
Exercise more days out of the week than you don't.

A poster said that it would take two to three years, it's won't. You can probably reach your goal within a year, depending on how you treat your body(workout and diet).
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im doing cardio 4-5 times a week 45-55 minutes a day
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1200-1700 is honestly probably way too low. 2200-2300 is probably closer to where you want to be. And weight training is more important than cardio. Weight training acompanied with proper diet will help your metabolism and ensure that the weight you lose comes from fat.
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Piggyback style, my dad is about 20-30 lbs overweight. He exercises but he needs change his "lifestyle". Are any these fat camps/weight loss clinic affordable? I'm looking for something he can go to for 3 - 6 weeks and learn to be healthy. Structure house looks perfect but expensive. Do gyms off ghetto version of that?
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congrats on the progress so far, i agree that weight training would help in addition to the cardio, good luck
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Congrats on your current progress.

Just a note: I sense a bit of yo-yo dieting (diet/diet/splurge, diet/diet/splurge) that you should get away from.

I stick by my original advice on page 1 that you shouldn't mentally be thinking of "dieting" at this point, but instead picking the right foods to have in your house, and avoiding fast food, etc. (that's why I don't shop in the center aisles of the grocery, because that's where all the processed shit is).

Good work on getting to the gym regularly.
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Originally Posted by smw356
As someone who's lost quite a bit in the past I can offer some advice if you're serious about it
- eat smaller meals every 3 hours at a minumum. Eat more often speeds up your metabolism. A faster metabolism burns more fat.

Very good advice here from smw356 (all of it really) and what Mr. Checks says also makes a lot of sense.

A friend of mine was just about morbidly obese. She had the whole rubber band procedure done on her stomach. What this has done is practically force her to eat several small meals a day.
She starts to eat and quickly gets full and stops. She gets hungry again about 2-3 hours later, so she eats then. She does this about 5-6 times throughout the day.
Since mid-2005 she has lost over 180 lbs. She lets the natural feelings of hunger and satiety dictate how often and how much she eats. This same premise can be followed without having to go through the actual surgery.

I've been doing this for about 4-5 months now and have lost about 20 lbs. - weightloss is not a priority for me. I was trying to even out my blood sugar throughout the day. A nice plus I would say.
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Starting weight 12/5/06: 416.5 lbs
Goal weight: 250 lbs
Current Weight as of 1/20/07: 390 lbs
Amount needed to hit target: 140 lbs
Total amount lost: 26.5 lbs
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A lofty goal, but best of luck to you. Posting your stats and experiences on a public forum is a great idea!

Remember short term goals help, but never get discouraged. Body weight is always fluctuating, and this is not necessarily due to fat gain, or muscle loss - water plays a large part of your body weight. It could be that at the time of your weighing you're holding in a lot of water; or maybe you're also very dehydrated (which could lead to the appearance of a weight gain in later weeks).

There's a ton of good advice here, and I haven't had the time to read all of it - just find what works for you and stick to it. Don't sacrifice your tastebuds either - enjoy foods, and learn to add flavour without adding extra calories. Don't think of foods as a sin, they aren't - your body will always need food to survive. The key is to just seperate the healthier choices from the not-so-healthy ones. Never give into fads, and never go looking for an easy way out, or a magic pill. If only my mom would listen to this fact - she's a sucker for any diet infomercial, no matter how hard I try to smack sense into her.
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i weigh myself at the same time all the time to compensate for the fluctuation in body weight. it is always in the morning before i eat or drink. im doing low calorie...the old fashion diet and it appears to be workign well. when i started, my short term goal was 280 by the end of january.. im 10lbs away with 11 days to go so i am ahead of schedule(based on the loss the first 2/3 of the month). im drinking plenty of water. ive dehydrated myself when i wrestled and will not allow myself to do that again. i probably drink close to a gallon a day.

for now its easy since i can see substantial gains,losing over a pound a day on average. im sure it will get tougher when the gains are not as substantial but until then i should have plenty of motivation with results. and im far enough overweight that it should last for a while, hopefully long enough to truley have my eating habbits change, as opposed to me forcing it.
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Is wrestling good exercise?
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Very. But it's hard on your body.
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wrestling is one of the more demanding sports out there ...i did it in hs and fresh year in college but not the past 4-5 yrs...when i gained most of my weight
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a lot of this has already been said, but here's my two cents:

seeing as i spent the last four years around weight obsessed queers and girls in the hair industry, i would like to claim i know quite a bit about losing weight

so here goes.

most importantly, please dont ever think you can skimp on your diet. you have to watch it, surprisingly this doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut alot out.
men generally burn more calories by doing nothing because they have less fat depots than woman.
so starting from whether youre a guy or a woman.. a woman has to exercise harder than a man thats for sure.

so lets say you dont want to work out, i suggest you make eating breakfast within the first hour after waking up a HABBIT. no excuses you have to eat breakfast to kickstart your metabolism. also drink about half a litre of water in the morning , herbal teas work too. of course your breakfast should include as much dietary fiber as possible (ie. whole grain cereal, wasa, fruits)needless to say you have to drink more water through the day, the daily recommend amount

you must try really hard to eat regularly (every 3 hours) little snacks between meals like yoghurts or fruits, salads or nuts. thats important because only if you keep giving your body food to burn regularly it will start burning off fat. if you eat breakfast at 9a and the next meal is at 2p your body will turn the 2p meal into fat depots (basically how it works)

depending on your sleeping pattern you should resist to snack directly before you go to bed. even better if you could have your last meal three hours before you plan on going to bed. this is not easy. it sometimes works for me when i wanna try not eating a couple of hours before i go to bed i usually just think of how great my breakfast is going to be. but generally this rule seems inhuman to me!! i understand

so instead just cut out the carbs a couple of hours before you go to bed. THIS REALLY WORKS FAST. no carbs meaning no bread, pasta, bananas, potatoes, rice nor fruit juice after, for example, 6pm
alternative snacks for the afternoon are all diary products, produce and meats

if you have a goal weight you want to drop in a rather quick time, follow all these steps and replace a meal (dinner or lunch) with a soup for a week or two. there's a ton of delicious soups and a big variety too.

chocolate is okay too, but dark meaning 72% cocoa and up. a little cubical of lindt's dark chocolate can cure sugar cravings (personal experience)
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Originally Posted by mayonaise
chocolate is okay too, but dark meaning 72% cocoa and up. a little cubical of lindt's dark chocolate can cure sugar cravings (personal experience)
Are you seriously suggesting the guy replace lunch/dinner with a little cubical of dark chocolate? Well, I suppose he could lose weight that way, the majority of which would be lean body tissue/muscle..
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