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On the run

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Here's a variation of the five designers questions. Just say that you and a couple of friends decide to go on a road trip, and you have just an hour to prepare. You don't know where, and you don't know for how long. After tossing your razor, soap, deodorant, toothbruch and toothpaste and a towel into your handy carry-on/backpack/rucksack, you have enough room for just, say, two full changes of clothes (including shoes), plus the clothes on your back. Apart from the clothes on my back, (dark vintage jeans, the latest sneakers I've found, a moleskin shirt over a t-shirt, like I'm wearing now, and a leather jacket), I would bring: 1. Black suit, white French cuff shirt, and some type of solid tie, maybe in a matte pewter. Black dress shoes. This should service from the opera to a nightclub to a high stakes poker game. 2. An extra pair of jeans, t-shirt and a zip up wool sweater - versatile and comfy for long days on the road - and I don't want to freeze my butt off in case we end up in Newfoundland - and a pair of trail runners (good traction and great for all types of sports). Since they're pretty light, I'd bring my running shorts and a jersey, too, since I feel pretty tense if I take even a couple of days off. What would you bring (Assume that socks and underwear don't count)? Remember, your list needs to be as versatile as possible. Assume that the trip could take you to from backpacking in rural China to white water rafting to eating canapes at intermission at La Scala (although I don't any friend that would make me do the last).
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Great follow-up on my 5 designer question, LA Guy.  And more likely to actually happen in the real world, too, as all of us have been in some variation of the situation you describe (whereas I've yet to be offered unlimited, price-is-no-object access to 5 of the world's best designers, though I haven't given up hope yet). Also, your answers are very similar to what mine would be.  In fact, I had a rough answer in my head as I scrolled down to find yours were right on point.  I'll elaborate on my answers, which are only slightly different: Change of Clothing One:  Black suit is definitely the way to go, in my eyes.  I'd bring one with flat front pants, which I think are more modern, stylish and versatile.  The black shoes I'd bring would be "dressy," but not overly so- no wingtips, for example.  I'd bring lace-ups with a more squared-off toe, as I think they'd pair better with jeans if our trip called for that.  Alternatively, I might bring black side-zip ankle boots that could go with suit or jeans.  Definitely a french cuff shirt, either in white or french blue (with spread collar).  Definitely a solid-color tie, either in some shade of silver or solid black. Change 2:  Jeans, for sure.  A good t-shirt or two, one vintage and one newer in a solid color.  Both can be worn under a black wool or cashmere turtleneck, which I'd also throw in (and could be worn with the suit if necessary).  Lastly, some "dressy sneakers," like Hogans/Campers/Hydes.  No work-out gear on this trip- though I'm fanatical about it on most days, I take a break on this trip.
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Hey GatorStyle, I agree completely about the flat-front pants with the suit. Good call. Also, I would probably pick a good Chelsea boot instead of the dress boot. As you said, more versatile, and they double as inclement weather footwear.
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that is basically my life -

3 pair each of quick drying underwear and socks, 4-5 dark blue shirts with french cuffs, each in slightly different textured fabric, 3 dark ties (solid, stripe dot or crest), one blue suit, one gray suit (one sb, one db, one solid, one striped, if cold, with vests), one plain tee shirt, one hoody, one pair chinos, one pair light sneakers, one pair short that can double as swim wear. if cold enough, coat.

I live out of a bag like that for 2-3 weeks at a time, for about a third of my life.
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This is a fun one. Let's see.

1. Clothes on my back - Levis 501's, white or off-white oxford shirt over a tee shirt, sweatshirt, navy Rainforest parka with removable down lining (and a watch cap in the pocket, just in case we go somewhere really cold). For footwear, I'd probably go either with my Alden Indy boots or my hiking boots. They look stylish with the jeans, and would be useful for hiking or inclement weather. Probably the Indy boots, as they'd be more useful in pairing with other outfits, and Indiana Jones used them to kick Nazi butt, so they must be pretty durable.

2. Outfit #1 - Solid navy suit (I can use the suit as a whole, use just the jacket as a blazer, or use the trousers separately), dress shirt in blue or blue striped, tie to go with it, dress oxfords in black or dark brown.

3. Outfit #2 - Bills khakis (probably twill, but maybe poplin to account for the possibility of going somewhere really warm), polo shirt, LL Bean leather jacket, and Rod Lavers in the event of doing something athletic or a lot of walking around.

I think the above would give me enough to deal with the possibility of inclement weather and activities such as hiking, rafting, etc., while also giving me the versatility to dress for just about any occasion. The only way I'm not covered is if we're going someplace where we have to do something truly athletic (like play basketball or tennis or something like that) or to a black tie event (in which case I'd just rent). I'd find a way to squeeze a tee shirt and some athletic shorts in a side pocket.
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1. Clothes on my back - Black jeans, white ls tee, military green jacket, black sneakers

2. Black suit, white fc shirt, Black/white/pink striped tie, pointy black slip on shoes.

3. Green shorts, yellow tee, silver flip flops, sunnies. You could end up in Brazil or down under, yes ?
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Alright, I'll play. 1. Clothes on my back: 45rpm Sorahiko, v-neck cotton sweater, brown lace up oxfords. 2. Dark blue all-season SB suit, white shirt, tie, monkstrap brown oxfords. 3. Cargo shorts, flipflops, a polo shirt. 4. New Balance running shoes, gym/swim trunks, tshirt, atheltic socks.
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extra condoms, silk boxers, and cologne. I would let my buddies move on while I find a female companion. They could pick me up on the way back
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Jeans, T shirt, sweater, m65 style jacket, brown chelsea boots

Outfit 1:
Navy suit, white herringbone shirt, navy tie, black captoes

Outfit 2:
Jeans, polo shirt, sweatshirt, lavers in black/white

extras: nylon athletic shorts that could double as swim trunks, extra t-shirt
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Originally Posted by L'ecureuil
This is a rather intriguing scenario.

Hey Squirrel (or should I say LK?),

Why do you enjoy resurrecting four year old threads?
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Originally Posted by EL72
Hey Squirrel (or should I say LK?),

Why do you enjoy resurrecting four year old threads?
Hey Matt Damon(esque),

How about no?
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Wearing: Jeans, Long Sleeve Kiton cotton T-shirt, New Balance shoes

Outfit #1: Kiton SB Chalk Stripe, White Herringbone Borrelli, Bizzochi repp tie, Lattanzi oxfords.

Outfit #2: Loro Piana V-neck silk/cashmere sweater in bottle green, Incotex trousers in grey, brown Edward Green bluchers
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I can't remember the last time I packed a suit for a road trip!

It's a road trip! You don't know where you're going but why would you go anywhere that you need a suit?
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If the road trip does not include either surfing or snowboarding (depending on the season), I am certainly not going to pack within an hour.

If surfing:

1) Clothes on my back: Murray's "Nantucket red" (yes, honest) polo shirt [laugh track], BB dark grey chinos, circa 1965 14kt. Tissot manual watch w/med. brown lizard band, dk. brown J&M deerskin belt w/gold buckle, med. grey Dunhill pinstriped socks, dk. brown suede Zegna (slender square toed) slip-ons.

2) Ratty, frayed pink oxford Van Heusen 417 "Single needle stitching" handed down by my grandfather [laugh and say "How trad (in the AAAC sense)" here], BB khakis, Moreschi lt. brown woven low-vamp slip-ons, burnt crimson BB zip-neck sweater (to be worn thrown over shoulders except in emergencies).

3) 3-mil wetsuit black & blue, 1-mil wetsuit shirt blue & yellow, flip-flops (who fucking cares what kind), large beige Egyptian towel, 6'10" pintail thruster in dk. navy boardbag.

If snowboarding:

1) Buy all new clothing and equipment on the road with help from friend and credit card.
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I do these weekend trips fairly often and usually have somewhat a variation of these. I might drop out #1 in a pinch, but keep the suede boots and belt, and take along gray flannels instead of the moleskins. In fact, I did that last weekend, and added a pair of cashmere lounge pants and an extra Zimmerli black sleeveless. Wearing: olive soft "donegal" jacket, checked shirt, mid-brown belt, slimmish jeans (SDA 103s probably), wool argyles with one colour that matches the shirt, and brown chelseas #1: Navy suit, white shirt, navy spotted tie, Zimmerli white v-neck, braces, brown suede belt, navy wool socks with brown spots, dark brown suede chelseas. #2: Brown checked jacket, small checked shirt, gray or pink cashmere v-neck, wool argyles, olive moleskins. Some Chucks, a tee, athletci socks and shorts. If there is space for a Barbour, I'd bring or wear that, too.
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