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Originally Posted by PaoloM View Post

-That is a basic PS fold, you'll find it on Brooks Brothers website, Flusser's books and most other style references to PS's.
-Trust me, seeing him in person when he lifts his arm nothing will rise up above his head. That is a very high armholes and barely any shoulder padding. It's an "extended point-to-point drape" like any other soft suit.

As for other comments I am shocked people think they are flamboyant. Striped suits are not over the top and pinning collars is something I've personally seen with older men, mostly southern. As for contrast collars I do think that is a safe conservative option. I really say that without my own style baring on it; it is a staple American item.

The thing is with the utmost respect I think that some Americans cling to the epoch of their tailoring style which is probably the 30s. These clothes look quite dated and flamboyant rather than conservative these days. They used to be conservative and they used to be worn by older conservative men but now I think the signifiers have just about moved on.

All these stark colors and stripes do not signify conservative to me. Thats not to say i don't like them, however its not my style.

This is me doing a modern conservative suit and look that I think is done right:


Very conservative dressers could lose the square.

Im putting that up because I think theres too much of people saying things are wrong but not showing others what they feel is right. Of course everything about clothing is really opinion and attitude so you should just take my posts as such.

I have sent a gazillion people to your store recently for collar bars, been doing an awful lot of custom shirts that take them.
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I think Josh Cooper Ramo is maybe a more agreeable example. He wears Kiton exclusively.



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Originally Posted by landshark View Post

Nothing about those looks is conservative.

The fit is conservative by American standards.
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Onassis - king of the blue suit/black tie.
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