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Bytown Shoe Repair on Dalhousie did a good half-sole job for me about 2 years ago.
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Glue job or did they actually stitch the soles?
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So, I am visiting Ottawa next week. It is my hometown but I moved away around 15 years ago.

Any recs for newer restaurants or shops?
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Originally Posted by Alter View Post

So, I am visiting Ottawa next week. It is my hometown but I moved away around 15 years ago.
Any recs for newer restaurants or shops?

Not Ottawan but there on business a lot:

I highly recommend eating at Domus Cafe as much as possible. It's one of my favorite restaurants in all of Canada. Other recommendations include Fraser Cafe, Beckta (for a splurge) or Benitz Bistro (for something more affordable).
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Originally Posted by Alter View Post

So, I am visiting Ottawa next week. It is my hometown but I moved away around 15 years ago.
Any recs for newer restaurants or shops?

+1 on Domus. Most places in the Market are overpriced but this place is way good. They also have a sister restaurant called Taylor's Genuine which is equally as good That along with Play and Shore Club are good options in the market. Murray St does solid brunch but I would avoid their dinner. Play serves smaller plates. The Smoque Shack is a bbq joint on the cheaper end that's very solid if that's what your looking for. Los Tacos De Mauro is another cheap option offering up Mexican fare. Jean Albert's serves up soul food and a very solid breakfast (try the bfast pizza). This is one of my go to as I live right down the street from it. Not fancy at all and sticks to real down south cooking (fried chicken and waffles) and if you go for dinner be sure to try the chicken and waffle on a stick. Town on Elgin is another recommended place

Other places in the Market/Centretown area would be, Arc hotel, Cafe Paradiso, Spin, Whalesbone if you're looking for seafood on Bank St. (not to be confused with their supply house on Kent St) although their chef recently left.

In the Westboro/Hintonburg area, choices include Allium on Holland by Tunney's Pasture (Mondays they do a tapas menu). Not too far from that Is a place on Wellington St West (not to be confused with Wellington St where Parliament is) is Wellington Gastropub and two other spots called Absinthe and Juniper.

One place to check out depending on your mobility is Art-Is-In bakery. Some of the best bread you'll taste. They also serve up treats like donuts, cookies, croissants and offer up a lunch but if you want any shot at eating the lunch, you'd best be served by getting there by like 11.

Vegetarian option includes Zen kitchen. Recently their chef Caroline Ishi took second place at an event called Gold Medal Plates (pretty impressive considering it's veggie only). This event pits the cities best chefs against one another for the right to compete nationally against other chefs from other cities.

Steakhouses...Hy's and Sterling (in Gatineau across the bridge).

Really fine dining...Le Bacarra which is in the Casino du Lac-Leamy. +1 on the Beckta rec as well.

Molecular gastronomy...Atelier. Have to reserve and a sitting is 3 hours and set menu. 13 small plates. Their chef, Marc Lepine, actually won the Gold Medal Plates.

As for shops, what exactly are you looking for? Reap and Sew, Trustfund or Schad if you're looking for S&D and for MC type clothing, Harry, Holt, a few other spots; Bucklands in the Glebe and E.R Fisher in Westboro but Ottawa really lacks a fashion sense (see government town) to sustain multiple fashion forward shops so you won't find anything you can't find in bigger cities.
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Wow! Many many thanks to both of you!! Great recommendations! I actually worked at Domus, and a few other places in the Market, around 20 years ago so I am familiar with them but it sounds like Ottawa's restaurant scene has evolved a lot since then.

One of my friends mentioned Beckta and Whalesbone so I expect them to be on the itinerary at some point....but I will keep all the other recs in mind and try some of them also. I also have to get some poutine and drop by the Manx at some point. I will only be there for a week but let's see how much damage I can do in that time. Looking to be an epic visit actually. Thanks again, gents.
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Originally Posted by Thrifter View Post

Glue job or did they actually stitch the soles?

He stitched them. I also had him put toe taps on a pair of EGs, and he held them for only a few seconds before he turned to me and said it had been a while since he'd shoes of that quality.
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With all due respect to the list above, lately I'm fond of

Town on Elgin St
Benny's Bistro for a real European light lunch at a reasonable price. It's behind The French Baker
I like Play a lot more than Beckta (same owner)
Jean Albert for the best hole in the wall fried chicken shack
4th Ave Wine bar
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Feleena's on Bank St. if you like Mexican food.
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The Smoque Shack (129 York) is wonderful. Try out their sampler platter for true carnivorous decadence (the piri-piri wings are truly agonising - and therefore worth trying).

For German fare, my favourite remains the Lindenhof (268 Preston) - a great family-run restaurant that's been around for donkey's years, If they still have it, their Sunday buffet breakfast is good.

Totoya (279 Dalhousie) is great for sushi - we go there regularly for our birthday dinners. If you like gourmet seafood, try Whalesbone (430 Bank) - fresh catches, and the menu changes regularly. Superb. They also have a fish supply shop at 514 Kent, where you can buy frozen fish and gourmet sandiwiches.

Some people say Zak's in the Market is the ultimate diner, but I find the Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin) to be much better. Service can be slow on Sunday mornings, but they make it up to you.
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Just wanted to thank everyone for the good suggestions. From the recommendations above I tried Whalesbone and Zen Kitchen. Whalesbone was really great and Zen was alright for a veg place. To counter the vegetarian fare I had a great burger and poutine at Hintonburger. Caffe 1870 in Wakefield was also notable for great beer and excellent food.

It was a great visit to Ottawa, and I was happy to see that the city hasn't changed much since I moved away 15 years ago.
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