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Ottawans here?

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Just curious as well.

I know Geoff Gander is from Ottawa, but I don't see other active members from here.

My real point is actually this thread. I managed to convince a bespoke shoemaker from Nova Scotia to come to Ottawa, and I don't want Geoff and I to be the only people to see him. C'mon! Show some support for Canadian artisans!

But if you don't care about dress shoes, just say hi here anyways. I am a little curious.
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I'm from Ottawa!

Just starting to expand my MC'ish attire recently for my job downtown. I still spend most of my time on SW&D. Good to see there's more of us around!
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I grew up there, and love the city, but moved away over 15 years ago.
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Ottawa Crew signing in.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Me too in Ottawa!!

But MTM shoes are beyond my needs. OTR 43 always fits pretty well. Rather use the money to fund my tie addiction.

Anyone need slim 40r suits for cheap? trying to sell a few locally after getting a bit bigger in size.
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Wow! That's three more than I thought there would be. Cool! Even Geoff and I will still be the only ones meeting Jon Gray.

@ Gagno: I've also just started getting MC-ish clothes after a decade of polo shirts and casual trousers. (I'm in IT.)

@ Birks: I found Styleforum as I was researching on how a suit should fit. My previous suits never fit right and I needed a new one. Turned out it would be easier to go MTM. Now I'm extending that to shoes.
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Apologies for the slight threadjack, but now that a few of us have outed ourselves, is anyone up for a meet? I know some of you are downtown like me, so if anyone's interested I would suggest someplace on Sparks, on a nice day (perhaps lunch, or a drink after work).
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I'm not from Ottawa but I'm there on business fairly often and think the city is really underrated. Nice downtown and many really great restaurants.

However, can you guys please QUIT CLOSING UP SHOP AT 5PM, PLEASE!?!?!?!?
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You're not a local, so you don't have the special ring. biggrin.gif

*cue the Stonecutters song*
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Originally Posted by Geoff Gander View Post

Apologies for the slight threadjack, but now that a few of us have outed ourselves, is anyone up for a meet? I know some of you are downtown like me, so if anyone's interested I would suggest someplace on Sparks, on a nice day (perhaps lunch, or a drink after work).

I no longer work downtown, so count me out. But good luck getting some others to show. I couldn't get anyone to show up for Jon Gray. biggrin.gif
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Seeing this thread super late (as you can obviously tell)...born and raised in Ottawa and live and work downtown as well.

Out of interest, do you most of you buy clothes in Ottawa?? While Ottawa is a great city, fashion leaves much to be desired with few options.

Raymond (tailor in the market) and has been my saving grace for work needs while Reap and Sew has done me well in the casual department.

My shoes are mostly all from elsewhere though surprisingly enough you may run into a deal at the Bay every so a pair of Florsheim Dirty Bucs for $50...

Thrifting is always an option too and I have acquired some nice pieces through the Salvation Army and VV.

Anyways as I rant on...good to see some Ottawa peeps on here.
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I buy most of my stuff online, but I have found a few treasures at the thrift shops. Ragtime Vintage Clothing occasionally gets vintage shoes in excellent condition, and I've seen Canali, BB, and Thomas Pink shirts on their racks.
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Sadly I know what you mean about selection in Ottawa. I score the occasional deal at the Bay in Rideau, when they have their end of season 50% off the already reduced pricing, especially good for shirts. Same stacked discounting stratgeu at Banana Republic for some causal wear. Harry's is good when they have their end of season sales on ties, pick up a few Zegna and Canali for $40-50. Consistently best pricing during their sales would have to be at E.R. Fisher. Got some Facconable pants from them for $49 last sale. Benton's at 240 Sparks also has very good end of season pricing. Picked up a jack Victor suit for $400 this spring

But I have to say that I make a few trips a year to the US to score the biggest deals, either Woodbury or major cities like NY or Chicago . The savings kind of pay for my vacations. Best deals this past year include 3 pairs of Boss oxfords for $69 USD each, Boss isn't exactly the best, but for less than seventy bucks for made in Italy whole grain, who's going to argue. Picked up a Corneliani blazer at Bloomingdales for $260, marked down from $1295. Boss jeans for $40. Incotex pants for $80. Also get no shortage of ties for less than $40 from Zegna, Drakes. Even picked up a Boss tie for $18 on my last trip. Tod's loafers for $170, Ferragamos for $260. Pink shirts for $32. Boss suit for $200. In general, I find that the prices are slightly better at retail stores during sale weekends, like upcoming Black Friday, than they are at the outlet malls.

Compare these to Harry Rosen or Holt's pricing, and you see what I mean about the savings paying for my vacation. I just go visit Chicago or NY whenever I need some new clothes.

To be honest, the B&S here at SF is very hit or miss for me. But I have had a lot of luck on Ebay.
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Ottawa is alive and well on this forum. Nice to see!! 


If you haven't been by our little boutique yet guys, please come by and say hi.


We're trying to do something different for the city and pride ourselves on carrying high quality and unique pieces for men. Brands like Wings+Horns and 18Waits really set the bar high and offer a reason to get out of the mall every once in a while.

Always down to connect with new like minded individuals in Ottawa, drop us a line.




Reap & Sew 

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If anyone is looking for a good tailor in Ottawa, try Mario Master Tailor. Any recommendations for a good cobbler that will do Goodyear Welts?
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