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Great to see everyone tonight, and welcome to NAMOR.

YoungScholar, best of luck on you move to the Emerald City, I'll be sure to send you a note when I'm in town next. I hope the move goes well and that you get settled-in quickly.
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Enjoyed myself, gents. Did anyone ever get around to the requisite shoe circle? biggrin.gif
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No picture. Here's a verbal account of teh shooz:*


Dark brown PTBs

Kangaroo chelseas

Brown suede chukkas brick sole

Tan bucks brick sole

Paprika peb grain bluchers

Cordo #8 chukkas


* hazy recollection at best. There are more I missed.

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Missed this one but SF in SF meetups happen pretty frequently and I'm due.
Good luck in Seattle YS. It was a pleasure meeting you at past events.
I am curious as to what everyone was wearing in the lower Haight while eating BBQ and drinking at the Toronado. Sounds like it could have been a WAYWRN MC Casual challenge IRL.
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Thanks for coming everyone. You were mentioned and missed, Salad, as were many others.

Don't forget to let us know when you're back in town, YS.
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Thank you all. laugh.gif

I had a great time, and am sorry to be leaving the city (sort of). San Francisco is the first large city I have ever lived in, and the meetups and get-togethers I've had through the forum have made living here a very enjoyable experience. I've been places and met people - especially the people! - I never would have encountered under any other circumstances, and I am very grateful for the privilege.

I will let folks know the next time I'm in town.
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