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FEEDBACK THREAD about the '-NEW-' look of Styleforum  

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If this thread exists elsewhere already, my apologies in advance.
In the interest of helping the Admins iron out the bugs on the new look of Styleforum, please share your observances and share your thoughts about how you are experiencing the site. Please contribute in a positive way.
If there is something you don't like or isn't working, provide a constructive suggestion.
Though I am myself, not an Admin, this information may help them provide us all with a more pleasant experience on our beloved SF.

Hi J (et al),
Just a heads up...I tried to view the site on another computer with a 4:3 ratio monitor and the site simply doesn't load properly.
I tried the test with 2 different browsers.
OPERA 10 could not load the site properly and was a total loss.
FIREFOX 3 loaded better but the right side of the screen with the affiliate ads was taking 1/3 of the screen real estate.
This may be an issue as not everyone in the world are using widescreen monitors.
There may or may not be a 'who cares. let them upgrade' Admin consensus, but I hope not, as this may result in a loss of visits from lurkers and possibly members. I don't know if your new engine will provide for this but if there can be an option for a viewer to view the site in 'legacy mode', it may be prudent to allow the feature if it exists. We are all appreciative of all the hard work of the Admins, and I am certain the goal is to increase viewer numbers and membership. Thought I would mention this feedback and hope it is of value.

I look forward to further testing the new interface with user profile options and will report any further findings.
Thanks again for all the hard work!

Anyone else have anything to share?
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I would pay 15 usd to be able to use the site in it's previous avatar
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I'm hardly a regular user, but I prefer the previous version. The new design is new, but I'm not sure it's actually an improvement.
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What happened to the stickies?
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Oh well they def. "polished up" the old look. And yes there are a few improvements (the uploading of pictures etc.) But the old look was the old school look of forums in general (I used to be in a forum with the same interface) ... call me sentimental but I kind of miss the other one although I'm only a member since June. But people say change is good... right? nod[1].gifsatisfied.gif
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So no option to use the previous theme?
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Very early feedback: I use Mozilla Firefox, it seems to take longer to connect/load. The page is more saturated with adverts as my old laptop screen is square this makes it appear visually crowded.

The buying and selling looks significantly improved though.
I look forward to trialling the rest of it.
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Sorry, but I find the new layout extremely confusing...many of us belong to multiple forums...almost all of the forums use the same version of the same software.

I am used to seeing things in a particular format, and I'm afraid this format is a step backwards.
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Has anyone figured out how to change their signature lines yet?

I'm sure it must be right in front of me somewhere - but can't seem to find it.
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The new look of the forum is great, much more slick and a big improvement over classic Invision Power Board. My only criticism is that the text size is a little bit small.

Here's a tip for everyone: You can go into your account settings and make styleforum use the full width of the page if you so desire.
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Originally Posted by Remrem View Post

. My only criticism is that the text size is a little bit small.

Control and scroll to increase or decrease text size.
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This is a pretty big step backwards for the GUI - very cluttered, small type hard to read, last post column is visually/functionally irrelevant, repeating sponsor calloiuts unnecessary on subpages (although the bigger play on the landing page is an improvement in the value for them).

Overall the page reminds me of the color blindness test at the the DMV - no sense of visual hierarchy and the eye doesn't know where to land. Previous version was extremely klugy in terms of functionality, but the design was virtually Bauhaus-like compared to this version.

To be fair, I haven't done much with additional functions yet and am assuming they have improved, but it looks like too many cooks in the kitchen trying to meet too many objectives without a clear vision of how people actually use the interface.

Oh, and it is the definitive design tutorial on how not to work on a smartphone.
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Overall I like it. I would much prefer the adds on top though.
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I think it will just take some time to get used to. Overall, it's a go in my book!
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I would prefer the sponsors on the top as it was previously. I do not have performance issues on my desktop, but the iPhone experience is pretty annoying: Delayed responses from the site and slow load times.

The appearance and interaction is new and fresh, which will be enjoyable if smart phone performance improves and the awkward side bar of sponsors is moved back to the top.
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