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I want to get 6 or so new solid polos for my everyday casual life.

I'm looking to order from Brooks Brothers, but there are many different kinds to choose from

Golden FleeceĀ® Performance Polo - Basic Colors
- 9 colors to choose from
- gold colored chest logo

Golden FleeceĀ® Novelty Performance Polo
- 35 colors to choose from
- multi colored chest logo

Country Club Lisle Polo
- only 5 colors to choose from
- no chestlogo

Garment-Dyed Pique Polo
-12 colors to choose from
-chest logo dyed same color as shirt.
- lower price

these choices are pulling me around to the point I dont know what choices to make.

internet aside, I haven't really noticed other people wearing polos with he brooks bros logo on it in my area. I'm so use to seeing the polo horse when I think of buying polos. I'm thinking I want no logo, but then my color choices are limited. , I may just have an initial logo shock, overthinging it.

I like the color choices of the performance polos, but like the no logo of the country club Lisle. there is good price difference between the two styles. Has anyone here had both? If so I would like to hear what the difference in fit and quality is between the two.