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best albums of 2006?

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well the end of the year is coming close and i'm sure that a few people here have found some great records in 2006, and it'll be interesting to see the musical tastes of everybody here...

my list (in order)

1. ¡Forward, Russia! - Give Me a Wall
2. Hot Chip - The Warning
3. Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites
4. The Thermals - The Body The Blood The Machine (went to the cd release party... got hutch's setlist)
5. Sereena Maneesh - Sereena Maneesh
6. Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors (not that incredible but i'm a huge moz/smiths fan)
7. Oppenheimer - Oppenheimer
8. Ratatat - Classics
9. Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops
10. Prototypes - Prototypes

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Talk to LaBomb - Brazilian Girls
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The Killers - Sam's Town Global Underground: Dubai (Sharam)
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The Roots: Game Theory
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if you guys don't mind a plug, my best friend's band, Jaguar Club of NYC, just released an EP last week. Kinda early R.E.M. with a streetwise Smiths feel. You can hear it here. Also, they are of course on myspace.
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I feel old

It's really a reissue, but I'll nominate this new one from Norton Records:

THEE MIDNITERS - IN THEE MIDNITE HOUR!!!! (Whittier Blvd / Jump, Jive And Harmonize / Gloria / Love Special Delivery / I Found A Peanut / Welcome Home Darling / Land Of A Thousand Dances / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Never Knew I Had It So Bad / Empty Heart / Hey Little Girl (previously unissued) / Looking Out A Window / Money / Thee Midnite Feeling / Down Whittier Blvd (Godfrey vocal) CD adds Down Whittier Blvd / Devil With A Blue Dress / Good Golly Miss Molly / Dragon-Fly / Do You Love Me Pounding East LA rock n' roll! Original Whittier recordings of this legendary group's mid sixties stompers, collected together in one mad set for the first time! NO BALLADS!! Killer after killer of loud, tense, massively attitudinal teenage howlers- prime cut slammers that ram the Stones into a hot, crowded bullpen wearing long red capes and little else! For the first time, the universe outside East LA can dig the majestic slam of THEE MIDNITERS! Instant party never had it so good!
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I'm not sure of too many but

Lupe Fiasco's Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor

is pretty damned good. Certainly in a top ten of someone's I would think.

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Before radio/Clear Channel played "Crazy" approximately 50 times per day. I thought Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere was really good. Johnny Cash's America V was good if you were in a certain mood to hear an old famous guy contemplate his impending death. I thought Sam's Town was a bit of a letdown.
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It's funny that I know none of the songs you guys posted here, I guess I gotta listen to some more current music.
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New Joc City - Yung Joc
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Originally Posted by metkirk
It's funny that I know none of the songs you guys posted here, I guess I gotta listen to some more current music.

I thought I was well up on my current music, and half this stuff is unknown to me.

Far as my top album for 2006 it would either be Soft Machine by Teddybears, or Amputechture by The Mars Volta.
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Originally Posted by mistahlee
New Joc City - Yung Joc

Surely you jest!!!
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[quote=MCsommerreid]I thought I was well up on my current music, and half this stuff is unknown to me.QUOTE]

Welcome to the world of the music snob, where mediocre but unknown = good; and talented and successful = sell-out. It's a grand place.

I think Fergie's new album is almost the equal of The White Album, myself.
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Some of the 2006 albums I liked:

Swan Lake - Beast Moans
Tapes & Tapes - The Loon
TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
The Superimposers - Missing
Sparklehorse - Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain
The Roots - Game Theory
The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love (though a little more mainstream/scene than I would have liked)
My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me the Workhorse
Murder by Death - In Bocca Al Lupo
Lone Wolf & Cub - Wonder, Is Ground On Frost?
K Def - Willie Boo Boo "The Fool"
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
Joanna Newsom - Ys
Islands - Return to the Sea
The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America
Hi Tek - Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip
Goldfrapp - We Are Glitter
Girl Talk - Night Ripper (Definitely in my top 3)
Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
Dieselboy - The Human Resource
Darkel - Darkel
Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening
Cold War Kids - Robbers and Cowards
Cat Power - The Greatest
Califone - Roots & Crowns
Beach House - Beach House
The Ballet - mattachie!
Architecture In Helsinki - We Died, They Remixed
rinôçérôse - rinôçérôse


Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity

are all good, but will not come out until some time in 2007.
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This year has seen a glut of wicked records; I've felt like a fat kid in a candy store over the last 12 months. I'm gonna restrict myself to my top 10 Clark -- Body Riddle/Throttle Clarence Wolves in the Throne Room -- Diadem of 12 Stars Venetian Snares -- Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms Napalm Death -- Smear Campaign Rosesdead -- Stages Future beats 06 Mixed by Gremlinz Sikth -- Death of a Dead Day Skream -- Skream! Amit -- Never Ending Boxcutter -- Oneiric
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