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Currency conversion for

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I would like to know if the prices on are japanese yen, or what im trying to figure out how much something cost's. A prada jacket is listed 56,000 and dolce gabbana jeans are listed from 48,000-89,000, why would jeans of the same brand cost almost twice as much as others. If you convert in japanese yen thats 56,000=$450.00 or 89,000=$716.00. There is no way they would charge $716.00 for dolce gabbanna jeans. I tried korean won, i tried chinese yuan renminbi, hong kong dollars, taiwan new dollar etc none of them make sense.. If you know or have ordered from them let me know how to convert prices.
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The site is based in Japan and yes they are selling really expensive Dolce & Gabbana jeans. The 149,000 yen (US$1200) jeans have been sold out So has the ugly $2800 deconstructed jean jacket Japanese are rich and they spend a lot of money on European labels. I think they account for 40% of the worldwide luxury market.
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They're expensive because it's Japan. I think they have heavy duties/taxes on imports, because I got the jeans at this link: Which are about $600 converted, for $250 + tax on sale. Doesn't Gaultier make a line of clothes exclusively in Japan to avoid duties/taxes?
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