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Suit sizing

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I have a 40" chest with a 7-8" drop, so I buy 40R/S suits. I'm ~5-9. I have a suit with 18" shoulders but I went online to buy a new suit and it measures 19" at the shoulders, and everything else seems to be well fitting with a little tailoring need. Does this one inch make a large/any difference?
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Does this one inch make a large/any difference?
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One inch in the shoulders makes a big difference. I'd pass, especially because the shoulders would be expensive to fix if even possible.
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1 Inch shoulder is a huge difference. Plus the most critical fit for a suit is the shoulders. The rest can be [relatively] easy to adjust, but shoulder is impossible.
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I learned (the hard way) if it doesn't fit in the shoulders it wont fit anywhere else. The shoulders are wear the suit hangs from, so if it's too big or small, the rest is tough to adjust for.

Sleeves can go up, sides can come in, but shoulders can't really move (no matter what the salesman tells you).
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I'm a 40R with 18" shoulders. 19 is just a dealbreaker. I know it hurts because this makes a lot of suits a no-go, but it's for the better. You might also want to look at 38R suits as some will have 18" shoulders and chests that work for a 40R.
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Seems like most 38 suits have 18" shoulders. If you tried a fuller cut 38R like BB Madison that should fit and have pants of the perfect waist size.
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The shoulders should always be perfect, the rest of the suit can be adjusted within reason

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Now the question is did you and the online shop measure the same way.

Try things on. nod[1].gif
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I believe most size 40 are 18.5 to 19.5 so double check your measurements and also see if maybe the shoulders are a tad tight on your suit.
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The shoulders measure 19" with a 42" chest and is labeled 40R. I went to the tailor, now I;m thinking 18" is too tight and I'm actually a 19".
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