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Jeans length?

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I was just wondering if you guys could give me some idea of how long a man's "dress" jeans should be. By "dress" jeans I mean the jeans that you would wear with black shoes and a black shirt to a club, or a similar outfit. I just bought a couple pairs of polo jeans company jeans (not the best, I know, but the best for my budget right now especially at the price I found them for), and I like the length now, but am worried they might shrink when I wash them and not be baggy enough and come high up on my ankles when I sit down. Does this look bad, or okay? Any tips would be appreciated.
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IMO, jeans should definitely have at least a full break, unless you are wearing bootleg jeans with 70's style boots and are wearing the jeans tight and high for that specific effect. I personally like my jeans to break completely over my shoes, covering nearly the entire heel of my shoes, especially when I'm wearing sneakers. Washing your jeans in cold water and eschewing machine drying will minimize shrinkage, and will prolong their lifetime.
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My general rule is, in my stocking feet and standing properly erect, the back of the hem should just about brush the floor. About 1/4" either way is OK, but if they leave my heels feeling drafty, they're too short, and if I would trip over my jeans if I walked backwards, they're too long. (Of course, if the legs are really narrow, they may have to be a tad shorter, but I don't wear peg-legged jeans, anyway.) For me, the long and the short of it (yuk, yuk) is, no highwaters, no hip-hop. As a practical tip for future denim purchases, get 'em a couple of inches longer than you want 'em, wash 'em and dry 'em a couple of times, then have 'em hemmed.
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