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A.G. Spalding & Bros. quality?

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How is the quality from this company? Bags and small leather goods (which I think may be all they really do) specifically.


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I realize this is an old thread, but those of us Yoox searchers are probably curious and see a number of items from this brand on markdown. Anyway, I ordered two leather portfolios/document holders for around $60 each (marked down from $105) , received them the other day, and am really quite impressed: ...and find them to be every bit as nice as my smaller leather goods from other top designers. Not as good as Valextra or Hermes, obviously, but the natural calf reminds me closest of the LV "Nomade" items I've had (though at 1/5 the price). With these portfolios, the stitching is excellent, the leather looks great, it uses fiocci snap closures, and the "edging" (something that is very hard to get right) is very well done comparatively. Apparently an Italian leathergoods company holds the license to the name and produces the items in Italy. I also like that they are very conservative with the branding (only a small heat-stamped "AG Spalding & Bros" is on my items). They have quite a few other Spalding & Bros. items currently on markdown and I think anybody looking for a nice brief without paying a fortune for a label might do well to check them out. Here's currently what they have on markdown on Yoox. A few nice briefcases/work bags for $250-300: Also, I read that Claudio Orciani has started using Yoox as his direct outlet resource. I like his items a lot; there are some bags/belts there that are quite reasonably priced (I saw this line a lot in Japan and the bags there run nearly $1000.)
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I've never handled their leather goods, but this company makes some quality products. I've seen a wide selection of stationary/office goods in Korea from this brand that all seemed to be well made with simple/tasteful designs. $64 for the portfolio is very tempting... nice find!
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When we were in Italy about two years ago I kept running into the line in better stationery stores and really loved it. They did some simple, minimalist type briefcases and portfolios that IMO were miles ahead of what Tumi was doing at the time. But, now that Tumi just opened a new retail store near me, I see they have a similar look as well.

In addition to the bags, they also had a cool line of stationery and desk accessories but unfortunately only available in Italy (except for pens). I love the stuff. It is very well done. I wish I could buy it here. Does anyone know how or where to get it. didn't have much the last time I checked.
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^Check out the above link. It seems they put most of the better briefcases and such in the women's section, as the men's section only had a few items.
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I realize this is an old post, however I was doing a search out of curiosity.


As a note for posterity upon just experiencing them, I found out they are handmade in Bologna.

Their website does not seem to show much of their current collection.


Full grained leather and finest craftsmanship.

Just purchased a saddleback suede bag.


Living abroad, it is funny the things one becomes nostalgic for, and I have really had an itch to play baseball.

Being a nut, and connoisseur/collector, I collected a handful of old baseball memorabilia...and had items shipped here for heaven's sake from US!

Thankfully under the customs radar as leather goods are usually blocked fro outside EU...foolish really considering historical importance of the items.

Turn of the century items from baseball's beginning..


Became fascinated with the mythology of the game from the beginning years, Black Sox stories, development of the glove, etc..

Even looked at early baseball cards for the first time in my life. Very artistic and charming...amazing the values. They really are an investment.


Anyway, found who is who in baseball memorabilia and got an old catcher, fielder, and first baseman's glove...all Spalding, from around 1915.

Fascinating stuff if you look into it..charming.


Interesting to come across them within this venue. They seem to be following the Montblanc route. However, i wish they would stay out of the timepiece arena. They are fashion forward timepieces and bring the marque down imho. But i am a purist..


My .02 FWIW



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They used to have a retail store in Milan. It was very well done, modern and a great range of leather goods and accessories. Not sure if it is still there, last time in Milan was 2011. Surprised more of it din't make it to the USA. They offered a very impressive collection.
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Indeed. Their collection of leather goods is very strong. Modena seems the flagship however.

Haven't been to Milan in ages, you've been there more recently than I have! I haven't any reason to go anymore. Heard it's cleaned up a lot since I was last there (no correlation of course!)


But apparently per their site the location of course remains.


I would have thought Horween as their supplier if US based, which is a tannery who supplies Alden, Allen Edmonds et al. with is the oldest tannery in the US . Supplies other historic baseball names as well such as Wilson..


However it is definitely an Italian endeavor. Apparently this specific name/rights have been purchased by an Italian company.(?) Was it a quiet death and rebirth of the brand? I believe I came across something hinting at this online somewhere, but i can't recall for certain..

Or perhaps a new brand based on the name newly created in which the rights to use it were purchased from Spalding Corp?


May be a split of the company in which AG Spalding Bros NY was purchased .. Spalding the sports manufacturer became an entirely separate entity from AG Spalding Bros.....such as Polo and Ralph Lauren..


Prior to knowing anything I felt they were Italian from the get go. They have a very strong presence out here .. and from experience, their business model just screamed Italian to me.


Looking further into it, their site lists no US locations. There is no contact info available of any sort for AG Spalding Bros within the USA.

Flagship stores are all Italian, with a handful of EU locations.

What seals the deal  to me is the fact that within their policies section, all returns, complaints, disputes, guarantee info, etc. quote Italian statutes and laws.


An SrL (Italian LLC) is quoted as their return headquarters which is based in the Marche region of Italy. (East coast of Tuscany)

Known for their leather production..


My gut tells me dis' be's da place..FWIW

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As a final note, I've received the suede briefcase...absolute top notch quality. Highly recommended.

The details, accents in and out...just wow. And I am not easy to please.

Finest quality leather I have seen in a long time, and I live in Firenze..(truth be told, sadly most of the leather here these days is crap)


It is heavy .. but that is saddleback for you. I love it. Built like a tank.


I could not want for more. 


May post images when I can .. not really my thing. Merely thought I'd offer some actual experience and opinion.


Unfortunately one will not find them in the USA unless purchasing online from them directly.


If within the EU and researching and perusing the many, many options out there, swimming in made in India, Pakistan, China, designer and amateur "handmade" crap...I highly suggest going after this marque before the market/economics take over and arrive in Montblanc pricing territory.


I assure you, as one in the know, IMHO these are the best kept secret right now.



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