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Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for a duck consomme. Hot or cold.
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accent aigu is missing: it's consommé
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basically, you need a lot of duck bones and mirepoix for stock. Make that.

Then you need to make a raft, which requires egg whites, tomoato, more vegetables, and traditionally some kind of ground meat. Ground duck would be ideal but that will hard to find so use turkey if you can. I would not use beef.

From there you just, you know, make consomme. There are many online tutorials; the process is basically the same no matter who is describing it.
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Whenever anyone says consomme, I am alway reminded of the first episode of "Jeeves and Wooster", when they are serving dinner for woosters future in-laws and are told by Woosters aunt that they eat only the simplest of food...

Wooster: (after singing mini the moocher ) Well now Jeeves, do you think I ought to sing Mini the Moocher to the Glossop's this evening?

Jeeves: I shouldn't think it adviceble Sir, I have not heard that Sir Roderick is musical...

Wooster: Ah no, but Lady Glossop is!

Jeeves: There is also that to be considered Sir...

Wooster: Well now, what are you giving us for dinner tonight?

Jeeves: Consomme Sir, a cutlet, and a Savoury...And some lemon squach... Iced...

Wooster: Well, I dont see how that can harm them, just don't get caried away with the excitement of things and start bringing in coffee...

Jeeves: Very good Sir...
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I made one the other day and added a little ginger to the mix - I think it added a Chinese element to the soup.

It is a shame that you see so little consomme on menus these days.
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it's delicious. Especially with some modern techniques available now. doing consomme using sous vide and gasvac ovens or using a clarification machine.
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