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Looking for the ideal Spring and Sumer Blazer? In a smaller size? I recently purchased this trad classic from AAW, and much to my disappointment, it's not quite right on me. My loss could be your gain.

See it here:

It's a Chambray 3/2 Sack, Two patch pockets, 2 button cuffs, partially lined in madras. Measurements are as follows:

BOC: 32 in
P to P: 20.25 in
S to S: 17 in
Sleeve: 23.5 in
Lapels: 3.5 in

AAW sold it as a 38, but there is no tagged size I can find. Just looking to make back what I spent, plus shipping to you, so I'm asking 43 bucks shipped CONUS. If you need more pics please contact.