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Products? (shoe care ad naseum)

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So even though this topic has been posted about, including everything from routines, to frequency, to shell cordovan, I wanted to add one more aspect and survey the gentlemen on the products they use.  My oldest pair of functional shoes celebrated their eighth year of service with a resoling.  The uppers still look quite nice.  I use a combination of black shoe cream and black shoe polish to create my desired effect. Products in my shoe care kit (an old Nike box) include: two horse hair brushes, a terry cloth towel cut into strips for application, two men's undershirts cut into half for buffing duties, a child's toothbrush for applying edge dressing, Synovia saddle soap, an almost empty bottle of all purpose leather conditioner, a tin of clear, black, and chocolate brown Kiwi polish, a jar of Kiwi select cream in neutral and tan, a jar of Synovia cream in black, a jar of Melatonian in cordovan and one in dark brown, and 1 jar of Melatonian cream in low gloss black.  Three pairs of extra laces.  A can of non-silicone based waterproofer that I occasionally blast onto a pair of Kenneth Coles that I bought as a college freshman before I knew better (snow shoes).  Is there anything that I'm missing? What products do you recommend for keeping my shoes happy ( Specifically brands? There seems to be some debate about Kiwi. ) FWIW, everything I own is calfskin and gradually getting prohibitively expensive to replace and/or supplement.
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You also forget to list some vodka to use to strip your shoes of that polish. How many times do you polish your shoes when you wear them?
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Ah cmon, I know everyone here polishes their shoes. Doesnt anyone have any opinions about products? What's better or worse? Are the Lobb creams just repackaged snake oil?
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In another forum, one of our shoe experts was saying how kiwi has a "tendency to eat leather" and how he "can't believe they are still in business." The reason is you have to polish your shoes all the time, but this will eventually eat away the leather because the polish doesn't let the uppers breathe. I've heard that Lexatotolo (sp?), and Melatoninin as good products.
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You also forget to list some vodka to use to strip your shoes of that polish. How many times do you polish your shoes when you wear them?
I think you mean that the purpose of the vodka is to make shoe polishing more fun?
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Actually, I was being serious. Too much shoe polish buildup is bad for the shoes. It doesn't let the shoe breathe. However, you need to polish your shoes all the time so they will look proper. So, you need to strip off the polish. There are certain products out there specifically for this. But, you can also use alchol to help strip it off too.
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I NEVER said that Kiwi is bad for shoes, it was sarcastic. The poster said Kiwi was bad for shoes. Please don't quote without pasteing real quote.
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IMO, Lincoln is the polish of choice. If it's good enough for the USMC, it's good enough for me. Not only does it get a nice clear build, I can fill scuffs easily by loading the cut, touching it with a match and polishing again. BTW, get rid of the old undershirt for final buffing - use old silk ties or nylons. A little mist of water and burnishing with silk will get the tips as glossy as you want them. Also, pick up some Fiebings dye to keep on hand as sole dressing - much better than what is sold as sole dressing, IMO.
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Sorry about that Rider. It was pretty obvious that most of those your comments were pretty sarcastic, but I thought you were being serious about Kiwi. Other people out there have said that Kiwi is not a good prodcut at all. It's actually funny because I think that schmo didn't know that you were being sarcastic. Or, maybe, he was being sarcastic too? But, he did bring up an interesting question: how often are we to poish the shoes. I was taught to polish every 5X you wore it, but since then, I've also read that you should polish as less as possible.
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Norcal, I posted this on Andy's forum a few days ago. You might be interested on these products. "Cream penetrates deeper into the leather but it can't give you the same shine as wax does. Meltonian seems to be the best for shoe cream, I'm not exactly sure for wax. You might want to look into Obenauf's ( for wax, I used their products and it's good for nasty snowy environment here (the biggest problem is the salt, not the snow, btw), use them more sparingly on your dress shoes though. Also, I highly recommend URAD (, it is a kind of combination between wax and cream, and it gives you the shine without buffing and easier to apply than wax. The only minor drawback is that it doesn't seem to penetrate as deep as Meltonian."
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