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So in other words you support Salutary Washing?

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

There is a Public Transportation Etiquette thread...I think there should be a bathroom et thread, and that this should be it (if there is one already, I apologize).

Two contributions, both odd habits I've noticed in Korea.

1. Before beginning to urinate, men will spit into the urinal. It's a disgusting habit in a disgusting place (public restrooms, not Korea). I've a friend who has lived here for about half a decade; he got into this habit. It got so bad that he developed a Pavlovian response to urinals. Every time he saw a urinal, regardless of whether he needed to go to the bathroom, his mouth would salivate. He told me this after I mentioned that I had begun spitting in urinals occasionally. I don't any more.

2. The second is another disgusting urinal habit. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I've noticed that people often look very satisfied when they do. I do find urination satisfying, and I doubt I'm alone in this. In Korea, men have combined the two, urinating while smoking cigarettes. For this reason, you will often find urinals with several to even a few dozen butts on, in, and around them. A few places include ashtrays mounted on top of urinals.

A snapshot of a makeshift ashtray. What is seen cannot be unseen (though the picture is low was very gross in person). Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I notice here people spit into urinals and toilets. Spitting is something I never understood in general. I think people feel tough doing it or something. I think it just makes them look like an undignified douchebag.

I find the smoking thing funny though. Those Asians know how to live.

Clag, use your Hall Monitor powers to get this and the transportation thread pinned.
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My powers are small, but I put in the request in TransMo and will follow up. This thread really needs HoF status. Somebody, somewhere, could easily write a dissertation on it.

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Using a urinal in a subway bathroom. Cleaning lady came up and started cleaning the urinal next to me. This is not the first time this has happened. I guess they just figure the bathroom is too busy to ever close down and properly clean, so they go in there whenever.
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You should have showed it to her. :swarmy:
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or taken a few steps back and done "the golden arch"
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I spit in the urinal before I whip out my junk to take a leak. Because just pissing on the thing isn't disrespectful enuff.

One habit I have it to start opening my pants (mostly button fly pants) on the way to the bathroom at home and I've caught myself a couple of times almost doing this at work. The ladies room door is 3 feet across from the mens :embarrassed:
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NORE, stop doing that immediately.
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So I am moving to a new floor in my work building on Monday, I will update everybody on the new bathroom digs.
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pretty excited to hear about it (0)
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A coworker posed a question to me, our shoulders nearly touching, as we stood side by side with our manhoods out and fresh and breathing in cool bathroom breeze, each shielded not by plywood partitions but by a wall of bathroom etiquette...a wall which ended at the shoulder. He turns to me, our manhoods in the processes of delivery, and asks, "Claghorn, who would you rather have sex with, if you had to choose. Queen Latifah or dead Halle Berry (but she's only been dead a few seconds)? My manhood firmly tucked into my trousers, I turn to leave (as been discussed earlier in the thread, I make no contact with anything in the bathroom but my penis, which is clean. Upon my exit, over my shoulder, I hear, "Dude, Claghorn. It has to be Halle. She'll still be so warm. "


Happened a few weeks ago. Turns out he likes asking such questions. A more recent query: "Would you rather get raped by a guy or rape a girl." I told him to fuck off at that point.

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your answers?
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I do believe the proper answer would be to (accidentally) piss on his shoes.
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Any ideas on how to subtly suggest to someone that they need to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, even if it is just to urinate, when out to eat? I go out with this guy once a month or so, and after a few drinks, he goes to the bathroom and comes back with dry hands. At first I thought he was just a thorough drier, but I came in as he was about to exit, and he most definitely went from urinal to door.


The thing is, a lot of food that we eat is finger food. I buy him a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitizer or what? I'm probably just going to tell him unless you guys have any better ideas.

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I fucking love this thread.
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