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Hi everyone, this is my first post as i am a new member to sf! heres my dilemma. I am a us air force soldier and dont wear suits much other than my dress uniform, which isn't the most stylish of suits. I need to buy a suit for a buddys wedding and I want something slim fitting and kind of trendy. Really want to wow a brides maid haha. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on things i should look for in a good suit or had any specific designers for me to look at so that i can get a more solid idea or feel for what im looking for in a suit. thank you for your time to look at my post, and thanks for your help!
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MTM would be your best route. If you insist on RTW go and try some suits on see what fits you and what you like.

The information you give is no help whatever, it suggests no style and no suggestion of your size and shape.
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If you are looking to spend very little check out syms or macys sale items. If you want a more fitted try indochino or some other online clothier. If you spend enough time getting your measurements down you will get a good product.
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thanks for the criticism gbr, you have successfully destroyed my confidence on posting here for advice and help. As i said, this is my first post and i hope that with time i will become better at being more articulate.
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Originally Posted by kyle.truitt View Post
thanks for the criticism gbr, you have successfully destroyed my confidence on posting here for advice and help. As i said, this is my first post and i hope that with time i will become better at being more articulate.

lulz, gbr is asking to get an idea of your physique. certain labels/brands cut their suits to fit a certain body type and or age group. height, weight, body fat %, would be a good info to know so that we could better help. I'm assuming that since you are in the air force you are in decent shape
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i am 5' 8'' 155 lbs athletic build.
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The title is 'airman', not 'soldier'. Seems like something an airman would know.
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- What's your budget? - What color do you want? - Any particular features you want other than trendy? Either way, since you seem to be a beginner in suits without much experience, I think you need to buy one in person. Don't listen to anyone advising a purchase online. With that said, hit up a discounter and find a slim fit DKNY, Calvin Klein, etc suit. You can find these at Burlington, Filene's Basement, TJ Maxx, Macy's, etc on sale for as low as $150-$200. If possible, get solid a dark navy or darker grey. Browse the forum and look at pics of people who are told they have great fitting suits. Then go try on some suits and if it doesn't fit quite well as is, don't buy... no point in tailoring it a ton. The shoulders must perfectly nice and snug. Peak lapels and flat front pants are also a nice touch to make it look trendy. Then take it to a tailor and have him hem the trousers with only a slight break in the pants. Also have the sleeve shortened to show 1/2" of shirt cuff. Also get the tailor to taper the jacket waist to give that nice silhouette. You'll be all set for a total of under $300. Well you may also need shoes, shirt, tie, and belt....
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Originally Posted by starsfan18 View Post
The title is 'airman', not 'soldier'. Seems like something an airman would know.

questioning my legitimacy? lol. i tend to just use that word in place of airman when i speak to civilians, but i assure you I'm an AIRMAN c-130j crew chief. Not to mention all airmen were once soldiers, since our heritage stems from the army air corps.
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Were you ever in the army air corps? I didn't think so. Get it together, grease monkey. You're an airman.
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Wait, your objective is to get laid at a wedding, yet you ignore the one thing guaranteed to get you laid? Forget the suit, man. Wear that official airman thingie!
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I think saiyar1 is sending you down the correct path. Go somewhere that knows suits whether it is Mens Warehouse, Macy's, or whatever. They can measure you and make recommendations. You will probably want a slim or athletic cut...something that actually fits you instead of hangs on you. So things to consider are the weather (hot, cold, inside, outside) and long term usage. If it is hot and you will be outside, you might want to consider a lighter color or even a linen suit. If you are wanting a suit to have for a while to use on any number of occasions that you won't use your dress uniform, you might want to consider a fairly conservative/classic option like black, charcoal, or navy.
Good luck on your suit search...and your, uh, wedding search. And thanks for your service.

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I suggest you look for custom tailors or bespoke tailors within your area.

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Depending on your age, MTM may not be a good choice. If you're 18 vs 25 there's a huge difference. If you want to separate yourself from the crowd, go for either two piece or double breasted. Anyway you slice it, you're going to be spending a lot of money. That you for your service,

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Get your dress uniform made by me! No seriously in England we have a long tradition of high end tailoring being used in military uniforms. My old firm Gieves and Hawkes is a military tailor. I would love to get back into doing dress uniforms but the culture isn't here in the states. Officers in the U.S just don't get it because they say everything would have to be regulation anyway. Of course the uniform would be made to regulations but it would have a lot more flair to it.
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